PAYDAY 2: Stoic One Down Build

Build for death sentence one down difficulty.


Required Dlc’s
This Build Requires:
Gage Weapon Pack #2
Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack
Or Gage Mod Courier

Equipment for this build is:
Primary – Ksp Light Machine Gun
Secondary – Crosskill Guard Pistol
Perk Deck – Stoic
Armor – ICTV(Improved Combined Tactical Vest)
Deployable – First aid kit
Melee – Weapon Butt

Skills are the most important thing there.
For Mastermind Skill tree use:

Combat Medic,
Quick Fix Aced,
Uppers Aced,
Inspire Aced,

Forced Friendship,
Confident Aced,
Partners In Crime Aced,
Hostage Taker Aced,
Stable Shot

For Enforcer Skill Tree use:

Resilience Aced,
Transporter Aced,
Die Hard,
Shock And Awe Aced,
Iron man Aced

For Technician Skill Tree use:

Steady Grip Aced,
Fire Control,
Lock N’ load,
Surefire Aced

For Ghost Skill Tree use:

Duck And Cover,

For Fugitive Skill Tree use:

Nine Lives Aced

Primary Weapon Mods
Primary Weapon of build is Ksp Light Machine Gun
This Gun is from Gage Weapon Pack #2 and there’s modification from
Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack

List of mods for this gun:
– Long Barrel
– The Bigger The better suppressor
– Lion Bipod
– Stability Boost
– Led Combo
– 2 Piece Stock(Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack)

To get 2 Piece Stock u need “Turtle Allways wins” Achievement And DLC
But You can replace it by War-Torn Stock From Gage Mod Courier Pack
Or if you dont have both you can use Tactical Stock from base Game.

After Mods Your Gun should look like this.

Secondary Weapon Mods
Secondary Weapon of this build Is Crosskill Pistol
It’s From base Game all mods used here dont need dlc’s

List of mods for this gun:
– IPSC Compensator
– Micro Laser
– Ergo Grip
– Vented Slide

This gun acts as a backup when you dont have time to reload.

After Mods your gun should look like this.

Your Stats Should look like this:

About Build
This Build is very tanky and can make death sentence death wish
because of how good it is. This build is better for covering teammates
and clearing enemies from your road High ammo pickup rate of Ksp makes ammo bags useless.

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