PAYDAY 2: Max Concealment/Max Dodge Minigun Build

Ever wonder what the highest concealment and dodge you can achieve with a Minigun is in Payday 2?


Weapons – Primary
I can’t believe I’m saying this… The primary weapon of this build will be the Vulcan Minigun with the following attachments…

– Stump Barrel
– Concealment Boost
– I’ll take half that kit
– Compact Laser Module (optional)

The first three listed modifications are all you really need, i just use the laser for convenience.

Weapons – Secondary
The secondary is any pistol with 34 concealment. I reluctantly decided to use the Gruber Kurz with:

– Champion’s Suppressor
– Concealment Boost
– Laser Grip (Optional)
– SKOLD Reflex Micro Sight (Optional)

The Concealment Boost and the Suppressor are just for concealment, the others are only for convenience. You won’t even use this thing anyway, you have a Minigun, for God’s sake.

Perk Deck And Skillsets

For the Perk Deck, 60 dodge is achievable with Rogue, so why not.

All you need for skillsets to achieve max concealment is up to Inner Pockets and Optical Illusions Aced, but to make this a “fully” functional build, here’s my full build with crits, dodge, and loud skills.
Send help…

This isn’t a rock-solid guide, so feel free to change it by adding Inspire Aced, removing the dodge skills, changing the Perk Deck, or hey, why not just quit playing Payday after reading this! After that you can delete your steam account, factory reset your computer, carefully take it apart, and then tomorrow, at 2:47 AM, have a campfire, where you can slowly destroy each part in the extreme heat while simultaneously contemplating your life choices!

Other Weapons/Equipment/Throwables

For this build, any max concealment melee works, but I chose the Weapon Stock for simplicity. Concussion Grenades for throwable, Ammo Bags and First Aid Kits for equipment, and Two Piece Suit for obvious reasons


So there you have it, 17 concealment with a minigun! God knows why you would want to run this build if you aren’t memeing… I guess Pseudo-Stealth? Well either way, if you got this far in my guide, please visit the nearest Psychiatrist, and while you’re at it, get their number and leave it as a comment on this guide for my convenience.

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