PAYDAY 2: Anarchist SMG Build Guide

This is a full Breakdown of a very high damage, high survivability loadout.
This guide will include the following:
  • Weapons & Attachments
  • Skills
  • Throwables
  • Armors
  • Equipments

This Build is based around death wish and below but it can handle DSOD with more skill.


-Build Preview Anarchist-

-Weapons and equipment-

Note I have a mod for real weapon names, so if you cant find them by name, use the build preview to find them.

Question: Why use the CZ-805 and MP7A2?

Originally posted by author:

These two guns have a high rate of fire but it cancels out with the high damage and ammo pickup, you are rather off mainly using the MP7A2 for smaller enemies, and the CZ-805 for taking out special enemies such as dozers since it shreds them apart.

  • Akimbo CZ-805 BREN
  • H&K MP7A2
  • Stun Grenade
  • Throwing Knife
  • Medic Bag
  • Ammo Bag (Note: This is optional and for the second chapter of this build)

I recommend going for low concealment on these weapons for the skills I’ll be showing later…

Akimbo CZ-805 BREN Attachments

H&K MP7A2 Attachments

-Skills, Chapter One-

This will be the full breakdown of the skills of this build. I will be including two chapters on it because you can change this around to suit your play style.

-Skills, Chapter Two-

Optionally, if you want to play more aggressive, use these skills with ammo bag instead of the medic bag.

-Conclusion and Extra Notes-

Thanks you for looking at this guide, I hope I helped out a bit. I’m making a second stoic build revolving around the same weapons so wait for that.

Extra notes

Yes, use the two piece suit on this, I don’t think i need to mention it
If you don’t prefer to use inspire, switch it to unseen strike aced.
If you play this build on DS or DSOD, I recommend putting unseen strike strike aced for the extra damage, but keeping inspire is also good.

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