PAYDAY 2: “For The Mad Hatter” Achievement Guide (City of Gold Teapot Locations)

This guide will show you all the locations of the chinese tea sets you need in the City Of Gold campaign to unlock the “For The Mad Hatter” achievement.


What to know

The City of Gold campaign exists of four (4) heists:

  • Dragon Heist
  • The Ukranian Prisoner
  • Black Cat
  • Mountain Master

Each of these heists contains one baggable Tea Set loot item that must be secured in each heist.
All tea sets can be obtained either in stealth or loud.

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Tea Set: Dragon Heist


Head to the auction room, and unlock the auctioneer’s office.

Once inside, look out for a big black safe and open it: your tea set will be inside.

Tea Set: Ukranian Prisoner


The first possible location is inside the warehouse near the spawn. head all the way to the back of the warehouse and look below the stairs, your tea set is sitting on some boxes.

The second possible location is right after you have passed the security checkpoint with the skid loader, when you are prompted to choose a path as objective, select the path to the right.
Your tea set will be sitting next to the concrete slope on a barrel.

For the final possible location, you must travel to the very end of the heist.
Open up the container next to the small yacht and you will find your tea set inside.

Tea Set: Black Cat


Starting with the easiest location, head to the storage area in the lowest floor of the yacht, you will find your tea set at the top of a storage rack.

Second possible location, head to the spa from the reception area and enter the private massage parlor to your left, the tea set can be found on the cabinet near the only window.

The last possible spot is inside the meeting room overlooking the casino, complete the objectives necessary to get access to this room and look for the tea set on a small table.

Tea Set: Mountain Master


Scale the building to the penthouse and find the doors leading to the meeting room/roof access.

Once inside the meeting room, look to your left on the cabinet, your tea set will be there.

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