Perfect Memento of Touhou Question: All 250 Answers (东方试闻广纪)

Well, I started this guide with my quest to complete games where I started with those that ask for less achievements, but when I realized that this quest was somewhat difficult to complete, I started looking for guides to answer the quests, but the problem that I noticed. is that the guides with whom I found only had 150 missions and I was looking for the 250 missions of the two DLCs and when I did not find any guide that would help to complete the game with all the DLCs that in total would be around 250 missions, what I do, anyway i started it.


Part 1 ( A-E )

► [̲̅A̲̅] –

1° 𝐀 shikigami is not only reliat its own abilities, it can become ever stronger by obeying their master´s comands. – Right✅

2° 𝐀s the Mishaguji, Moriya Suwako has a bad temper. Pissing her off just a bit makes she want to kill you. – Wrong❌

3° 𝐀 meteorite almost hit the Scarlet Devil Mansion. – Right✅

4° 𝐀fter the miracle mallet incident was resolved, Shinmyoumaru was kept under observation, but she was fairly treated. – Wrong❌

5° 𝐀lthough Hieda no Akyuu inherits the memories of her past lives, it is restricted only to the Gensokyo Chronicle and nothing else. – Wrong❌

6° 𝐀lthough Shinmyoumaru Sukuna is one of the competitors in the Youkai Mountain White-Water Rafting games, she didn’t do anything to win the races because Wakasagihime did all the work for her. – Wrong❌

7° 𝐀ya Shameimaru’s name was derived from MMS. – Right✅

8° 𝐀ya Shameimaru does not have wings. – Wrong❌

9° 𝐀ya has a title named “Fastest in Gensokyo.” – Wrong❌

10° 𝐀fter the Moon Invasion Incident was resolved, Seiran and Ringo decided to just stay in Gensokyo instead of returning to the Moon. – Right✅

11° 𝐀ll playable characters in the official shooting games have their own themes. – Wrong❌

12° 𝐀lthough Gensokyo itself is a part of Japan, you can find ancient Chinese coins there. – Right✅

13° 𝐀ya Shameimaru is an oviparous youkai, not a viviparous one. – Right✅

14° 𝐀ya Shameimaru’s newspaper is called the “Bunbunmaru News”. – Wrong❌

15° 𝐀lice Margatroid once bought sleeping pills to have better dreams. – Right✅

16° 𝐀fter the religious war, Hata no Kokoro and Koishi Komeiji have always been hostile to each other. – Wrong❌

17° 𝐀lthough there is little need for it, the village people are educated in higher mathematics. – Right✅

18° 𝐀lthough Kasen Ibaraki is suspected to be an oni, she doesn´t have any connections to other Oni. – Wrong❌

19° 𝐀s long as Reimu protects the villagers from youkai attacks, none of them will mind that she´s on good terms with youkai. – Wrong❌

20° 𝐀lthough Marisa Kirisame doesn´t live in the village, she often visits it for exorcism business. – Right✅

21° 𝐀lthough the village is small, they have access to common metals used in metalworking. – Right✅

22° 𝐀ya Shameimaru is not the only member at her newspaper office. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅B̲̅] –

23° 𝐁ecause the Hakurei shrine maiden´s existence is crucial to the shrine, Reimu is under strict surveillance in her life should be in danger. – Wrong❌

24° 𝐁efore the Bunbunharu Weekly magazine was canceled, it was fairly popular in the village. – Wrong❌

25° 𝐁yakuren Hijiri is one of the few humans in Gensokyo. – Wrong❌

26° 𝐁ecause of Cirno’s bad habit of freezing frogs, she was once swallowed by Suwako’s giant toad. – Wrong❌

27° 𝐁ecause the tengu expelled the oni from Youkai Mountain, they have been hostile to each other ever since. – Wrong❌

28° 𝐁efore the four seasons incident, Aunn Komano was a hidden komainu who only started showing herself during the breakout. – Wrong❌

29° 𝐁efore the four seasons incident, only Yukari Yakumo knew about Okina Matara. – Wrong❌

30° 𝐁enben Tsukumo and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo are not blood-related. – Right✅

31° Bakedanukis have an abnormal tolerance for alcohol, which rivals against onis. – Wrong❌

32° 𝐁yakuren Hijiri as a Nun doesn´t have the power to release dead souls. – Right✅

► [̲̅C̲̅] –

33° 𝐂hen might be a cat youkai, but catnip is ineffective on her. – Wrong❌

34° 𝐂lownpiece was a weak fairy in Hell. She only became strong because of Hecatia. – Wrong❌

35° 𝐂irno is the strongest fairy on Misty Lake. – Right✅

36° 𝐂lownpiece is an American flag that got turned into a youkai. – Wrong❌

37° 𝐂hen is Ran Yakumo’s only familiar. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅D̲̅] –

38° 𝐃uring her banishment of Earth, Kaguya was alone until she reunited with Eirin. – Wrong❌

39° 𝐃oremy Sweet has short hair. – Wrong❌

40° 𝐃oremy Sweet is just a visitor in Gensokyo and has no real affection on the place. – Wrong❌

41° 𝐃ue to the danmaku battle rules, a normal person wouldn´t die even if they got hit by a spell card. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅E̲̅] –

42° 𝐄very single humanoid youkai Reimu has fought in the past eventually became her friend and was spared from extermination. – Wrong❌

43° 𝐄ientei is a very insolated place that does not wish to have any contact with other people. – Wrong❌

44° 𝐄ven Reimu Hakurei knows her limits when it comes to breaking seals. – Wrong❌

45° 𝐄irin is very respectful towards Inchlings. – Right✅

46° 𝐄irin Yagokoro was wholly responsible for naming Reisen Udongein Inaba. – Wrong❌

47° 𝐄ternity Larva has a secret. – Right✅

48° 𝐄veryone in Gensokyo either steals or breaks Sumireko Usami’s electronic gadgets. – Right✅

49° Eating people is one method to become a youkai. – Right✅

50° 𝐄ven though Aunn Komano is still a very young youkai, she is quite smart. – Right✅

Part 2 ( F-M )

►[̲̅F̲̅] –

51° 𝐅or a mouse youkai, Nazrin is really bold and courageous. – Wrong❌

52° 𝐅ormer Hell is a stagnant place in the deep underground, where such things as seasons don´t exist. – Wrong❌

53° 𝐅landre Scarlet is locked away in the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s basement. – Wrong❌

54° 𝐅oxes in Gensokyo do not possess transformation abilities. – Wrong❌

►[̲̅G̲̅] –

55° Gensokyo is a peaceful place for powerful individuals like Reimu Hakurei. As long as there is no incident going on, there is no need to be cautious. – Wrong❌

►[̲̅H̲̅] –

56° 𝐇ieda no Akyuu is also a theacher in the Human Village. – Right✅

57° 𝐇atate Himekaidou is on good terms with Sumireko Usami, so she wrote a really biased report about her. – Wrong❌

58° 𝐇ecatia Lapislazuli bears no grudge against Chang’e. She simply wants to help Junko because she’s her friend. – Wrong❌

59° 𝐇ermits are regularly attacked by shinigami, such as Komachi Onozuka. – Wrong❌

60° 𝐇ata no Kokoro did not treasure the Mask of Hope Miko made for her. – Right✅

61° 𝐇ata no Kokoro’s 66 masks were created by Toyosatomimi no Miko’s friend, Hata no Kawakatsu. – Wrong❌

62° 𝐇ell finances itself through metallurgy. – Right✅

63° 𝐇ieda no Akyuu has a pet. – Right✅

64° 𝐇ina Kagiyama is said to be the god of misfortune, but she is in fact a youkai. – Right✅

65° 𝐇eaven´s diets are rich and varied. Celestials eat anything you can imagine. – Wrong❌

66° 𝐇ieda no Akyuu is well-known in the village, but she´s still an ordinary person, living no differently from anyone else. – Wrong❌

67° 𝐇ieda no Akyuu has accepted her short lifespan and will not actively try to prolong it. – Wrong❌

68° 𝐇ata no Kokoro’s Noh of Darkness has the power to steal people´s emotions. – Wrong❌

►[̲̅I̲̅] –

69° 𝐈mmaterial and Missing Power is a spin-off game withou ZUN’s involvement, and therefore it does not count as canon. – Wrong❌

70° 𝐈nsecticides are common tools in Gensokyo. – Right✅

71° 𝐈chirin Kumoi is like a magician. – Right✅

72° 𝐈ku Nagae’s veil can also be used to “hunt for husbands. – Right✅

73° 𝐈mperishable Night used to have a Phantasm level. – Right✅

74° 𝐈n some aspects, Gensokyo’s science and technology are way more advanced than the Outside World’s. – Right✅

75° 𝐈t was a complete coincidence that the Myouren Temple was built on top of Toyosatomimi no Miko’s resting place. – Wrong❌

76° 𝐈n need of book printing, the human village adapted to the movable-type printing. – Right✅

►[̲̅J̲̅] –

77° Junko and Chang’e are the same person. – Wrong❌

►[̲̅K̲̅] –

78° 𝐊aguya Houraisan is stronger than Eirin Yagokoro. – Wrong❌

79° 𝐊eine Kamishirasawa was not always a youkai. – Right✅

80° 𝐊appas are water youkai. However, since their machines are not water-prood, they always worry about floodings. – Wrong❌

81° 𝐊ogasa Tatara does a fine job as a nanny. – Right✅

82° 𝐊ogasa Tatara is a blacksmith. – Right✅

83° 𝐊ogasa Tayara is based on the traditional Japanese cyclops youkai Ippondatara. – Wrong❌

84° 𝐊oishi Komeiji is well-behaved and never imposes threats. – Wrong❌

85° 𝐊isume’s head looking out from the bucket is not her own. It’s the head she cut off from one of her victims. – Wrong❌

86° 𝐊asen Ibaraki has a scarred and incurable arm under her bandages. – Wrong❌

87° 𝐊asen Ibaraki lives near the Hakurei Shrine. – Wrong❌

88° 𝐊youko Kasodani does not shout anymore, except for her sutra chanting. – Wrong❌

89° 𝐊agerou Imaizumi is a European werewolf. – Wrong❌

90° 𝐊anako Yasaka is the god of mountains. – Wrong❌

91° 𝐊appas are not only skilled engineers but also good at making medicine. – Right✅

92° 𝐊youko Kasodani has an easy life at the Myouren Temple. She could drop work whenever she wants. – Wrong❌

►[̲̅L̲̅] –

93° 𝐋etty Whiterock sleeps most of the time except for winter. – Right✅

94° 𝐋ily Black and Lily White are two different fairies. – Wrong❌

95° 𝐋ily White has the power to make flowers bloom. – Right✅

96° 𝐋unasa Prismriver can predict rain. – Right✅

►[̲̅M̲̅] –

97° 𝐌any people wish to challenge Hong Meiling one-on-one. – Right✅

98° 𝐌ystia Lorelei is the owner of a roast chicken stall. – Wrong❌

99° 𝐌ononobe no Futo is too old-fashioned and unable to adapt to the modern world. – Wrong❌

100° 𝐌ost magicians have weak bodies because they don’t exercise enough. – Wrong❌

Part 3 ( M-R )

101° 𝐌ost of the rabbits in the bamboo forest are over a thousand years old. – Wrong❌

102° 𝐌arisa´s house is not as messy as everyone says. – Wrong❌

103° 𝐌ononobe no Futo is neither biased towards youkai or humans. She treats both equally. – Wrong❌

104° 𝐌amizou Futatsuiwa is afraid of humans. – Right✅

105° 𝐌amizou Futatsuiwa is the only Bakedaniku in Gensokyo. – Wrong❌

106° 𝐌aribel Hearn and Yukari Yakumo are closely related by name. – Right✅

107° 𝐌arisa Kirisame also gets things stolen from her. – Right✅

108° 𝐌arisa Kirisame’s bullets have a sweet taste. – Right✅

109° 𝐌inamitsu Murasa is not a youkai, but a ghost. – Right✅

110° 𝐌inoriko Aki runs roasted sweet potato shop. – Right✅

111° 𝐌omiji Inubashiri has a good relationship with Aya Shameimaru. – Wrong❌

112° 𝐌omiji Inubashiri never received any official artwork. – Wrong❌

113° 𝐌erlin Prismriver´s music has exhilarating powers. – Right✅

114° 𝐌edicine Melancholy was born with the power to control poison. – Wrong❌

115° 𝐌uenzuka is not the only source of goods to Kourindou. – Right✅

116° 𝐌ystia Lorelei is illiterate. – Right✅

117° 𝐌arisa Kirisame can only fly with a broom. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅N̲̅] –

118° 𝐍itori Kawashiro was able to analyze the principle of Perfect Possession scientifically. – Right✅

119° 𝐍ormal human in the village is not capable of observing the outside world without relying on supernatural powers. – Wrong❌

120° 𝐍arumi Yatadera and Marisa Kirisame had never met before the four seasons incident. – Wrong❌

121° 𝐍emuno Sakata will kill anyone she invites insider her house. – Wrong❌

122° 𝐍ot a single sea creature lives in Gensokyo. – Wrong❌

123° 𝐍ot all onis are afraid of bean throwing at setsubun. – Right✅

124° 𝐍ewborn Tsukumogami have no intelligence and only act on instinct. It takes a while for them to gain sentience. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅O̲̅] –

125° Onis attack others just for fun, but Suika Ibuki would never do that in Gensokyo. – Wrong❌

126° Objects that are made unidentified by Nue Houjuu may not be re-identified again. – Wrong❌

127° Of the few shops that exist in Gensokyo, most of them are run by youkai. – Wrong❌

128° Onis are afraid of fried beans. Remilia is also scared of them despite being a vampire. – Right✅

129° Oni being afraid of fried beans is made up. – Right✅

130° One reason why the Hakurei Shrine is so unpopular is that it is located on a cliff, making it hard to get there. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅P̲̅] –

131° 𝐏atchouli Knowledge uses a Bagua trigram as a magic circle. – Right✅

132° 𝐏arsee Mizuhashi is a hypocrite. – Right✅

► [̲̅R̲̅] –

133° 𝐑emilia Scarlet has a spear called “Gungnir”. – Wrong❌

134° 𝐑eimu Hakurei almost has no worldly desires and is on the right path to becoming a hermit herself. – Wrong❌

135° 𝐑ingo doesn’t just love eating Dango to fill her stomach. It also acts as a power-up. – Right✅

136° 𝐑in Kaenbyou can talk to dead bodies. – Right✅

137° 𝐑eisen can control the rabbits of Eientei, just like Tewi. – Wrong❌

138° 𝐑in Satsuki the forbidden character appears to wear a large ribbon on her hair with cherry hairpins and a dress-like blouse and holds an erhu upside down. – Wrong❌

139° 𝐑eimu Hakurei believed that Letty Whiterock was the mastermind behind the long winter incident. – Right✅

140° 𝐑eimu Hakurei exorcism is just for show. For example, she laces her amulets with gunpowder. – Wrong❌

141° 𝐑eimu Hakurei doesn’t like hats, so she never wears one. – Wrong❌

142° 𝐑eimu Hakurei is not a devout Shintoist. – Right✅

143° 𝐑eimu Hakurei´s shots each has its unique advantage, so there´s no jack-of-all-trades shot as her preference goes. – Wrong❌

144° 𝐑an Yakumo and her shikigami Chen do not live together. – Right✅

145° 𝐑aiko Horikawa is one of the few youkai who can leave and enter Gensokyo on her own. – Right✅

146° 𝐑innosuke Morichika smokes. – Right✅

147° 𝐑eimu Hakurei is never all that enthusiastic about resolving incidents, and wouldn´t go out of her way to celebrate her success. – Wrong❌

148° 𝐑eimu Hakurei is a bookworm. – Right✅

149° 𝐑eimu Hakurei is supposedly a shrine maiden, but she´s too lazy to make any divine sacrifices, she does not possess any real shrine maiden abilities. – Wrong❌

150° 𝐑emilia Scarlet speaks English. – Right✅

Part 4 ( S-T )

► [̲̅S̲̅] –

151° 𝐒agume Kishin’s will indefinitely reverse the outcome of the event she speaks of. – Wrong❌

152° 𝐒hion Yorigami is a patron saint. – Right✅

153° 𝐒umireko Usami and Kasen Ibaraki are good friends. – Right✅

154° 𝐒agume Kishin is a type of amanojaku. – Right✅

155° 𝐒umireko Usami was the critical figure of the Urban Legend incident, although she does not possess her own urban legend. – Wrong❌

156° 𝐒martphones and Tablets are treated as useless trash in Gensokyo. – Wrong❌

157° 𝐒uika Ibuki has nothing to do with “Broken Moon”. – Wrong❌

158° 𝐒anae Kochiya is a god. – Right✅

159° 𝐒ince youma books are very dangerous, they are well protected. Kosuzu Motoori is the only human who owns any. – Wrong❌

160° 𝐒uzunaan is a book rental store, but it also provides other kinds of services. – Right✅

161° 𝐒atori Komeiji sometimes comes to Gensokyo to find Koishi. – Right✅

162° 𝐒anae Kochiya is not related to Suwako Moriya. – Wrong❌

163° 𝐒anae Kochiya was more of a science person. – Right✅

164° 𝐒atono Nishida and Mai Teireida do not have innate abilities. – Right✅

165° 𝐒atori Komeiji has only two pets, Rin Kaenbyou and Utsuho Reiuji. – Wrong❌

166° 𝐒atori Komeiji loves to read and write novels. – Right✅

167° 𝐒eiga Kaku once dressed up as Santa Claus to burglarize people. – Right✅

168° 𝐒eija Kijin is a twisted kind of oni. – Wrong❌

169° 𝐒eiran’s and Reisen’s name share the same theming since they’re both named after Japanese WW2 fighter planes. – Wrong❌

170° 𝐒ekibanki lives in the Human Village. As long as she is not exposed, she won’t cause any trouble either. – Right✅

171° 𝐒hikieiki Yamaxanadu is not her real name. – Right✅

172° 𝐒hinigami will eventually kill Humans who try to extend their lifespans. – Wrong❌

173° 𝐒hizuha Aki, the god of autumn leaves, doesn’t use divine powers to exercise her duty. – Right✅

174° 𝐒hou Toramaru is Nazrin’s master. – Wrong❌

175° 𝐒umireko Usami dresses up just like the mysterious mantle fiend, which is Miko’s urban legend. – Right✅

176° 𝐒uwako Moriya is the god of all frogs. – Wrong❌

177° 𝐒uwako Moriya’s Kanawas are not real iron rings. – Right✅

178° 𝐒agume Kishin has never been to Earth. – Wrong❌

179° 𝐒ince Sumireko Usami only enters Gensokyo by dreaming, there is no exchange to be made. – Wrong❌

180° 𝐒hinigami can tell places where people are more likely to die. – Right✅

181° Sugar in Gensokyo is also called “White Demon”. – Right✅

182° 𝐒umireko Usami first came to Gensokyo during the Urban Legend incident. – Wrong❌

183° Soga no Tojiko and Iku Nagae both have the power to cause thunder. – Wrong❌

184° 𝐒ince Reimu Hakurei is too lazy to do anything, the Hakurei Shrine does not even have a branch shrine. – Wrong❌

185° 𝐒ince the Moriya Shrine has its place high on the top of Youkai Mountain, which is impossible to reach for humans, their main shrine will never have any visitors. – Wrong❌

186° 𝐒hion Yorigami lives in the Hakurei Shrine. – Wrong❌

187° 𝐒hrines must be erected and worshipped by humans to have any effect on the enshrined god. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅T̲̅] –

188° 𝐓he Bamboo Forest of the Lost is hard to reach for humans, because the Forest of Magic is in the way. – Wrong❌

189° 𝐓he Bamboo Forest of the Lost is hard to reach for humans because the Forest of Magic is in the way. – Right✅

190° 𝐓he pills made by Eirin are cure-alls which anyone can use. – Wrong❌

191° 𝐓he Scarlet Devil mansion only emplys fairy maids. – Wrong❌

192° 𝐓he Divine Spirit Mausoleum is located in Senkai, which is an entirely separate world. Not even Reimu can enter on her own. – Wrong❌

193° 𝐓engus are famous for their conservative nature. They will not act proactively as long as their territory remains uncontested. – Wrong❌

194° 𝐓oyosatomimi no Miko is always there to help when you are pursued by a youkai. – Right✅

195° 𝐓he Palanquin Ship cannot move without Minamitsu Murasa at the helm. – Wrong❌

196° 𝐓enshi Hinanawi’s Sword of Hisou is a real sword with magic power. – Wrong❌

197° 𝐓he Scarlet Devil Mansion´s fairy maids were taken in by force because the mansion residents are too lazy to hire anyone. – Wrong❌

198° 𝐓oyosatomimi no Miko accepts whorshippers, but no apprentices. Only Miko, Futo and Tojiko live at her dojo. – Wrong❌

199° 𝐓he first time Marisa Kirisame came to Kasen´s house was to burglarize her. – Wrong❌

200° 𝐓he Hakurei Shrine used to be about success in studying. – Right✅

Part 5 ( T-Z )

201° 𝐓he Hakurei Shrine’s donations are mostly sake. – Right✅

202° 𝐓he book Touhou Gumon Shiki ~Perfect Memento in Strict Sense bears a different title in Gensokyo. – Right✅

203° 𝐓he fights between Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou might be cruel, but harmless to others. – Wrong❌

204° 𝐓he geyser during the incident is just normal hot springs with a slightly higher temperature. – Wrong❌

205° 𝐓he Human Village enjoys an easy without any youkai influence. – Wrong❌

206° 𝐓he Moriya Shrine has a branch shrine in the Hakurei Shrine. – Right✅

207° 𝐓he Prismriver Sisters can only play the violin, trumpet, and keyboard. – Wrong❌

208° 𝐓he Scarlet Mist incident only lasted for a few days. – Wrong❌

209° 𝐓he Shanghai Doll is the only doll that has appeared visually. – Wrong❌

210° 𝐓here is a character named Chiko Hinanawi. – Right✅

211° 𝐓here is a laziness illness in Gensokyo that is impossible to cure. – Wrong❌

212° 𝐓oyosatomimi no Miko always has a tangerine to give to her opponents. – Right✅

213° 𝐓oyosatomimi no Miko once sold a statue that supposedly can prolong one’s lifespan. Right✅

214° 𝐓enshi Hinanawi has a close relationship with Iku Nagae. – Wrong❌

215° 𝐓ewi Inaba looks like a young girl, but she is thousands of years old. – Right✅

216° 𝐓he Human Village is just small settlement where everyone has equal status. – Wrong❌

217° 𝐓he Kappa don´t just steal cucumbers from humans. They have their own farms. – Right✅

218° 𝐓he Human Village has its own political system, but it small enough that no one bothers about it. – Wrong❌

219° 𝐓he Kappa not only have bases on the mountain, but even in the village. – Right✅

220° 𝐓he Scarlet Devil Mansion is located on the shore of the Misty Lake, not in the center of the lake. – Right✅

221° 𝐓oyosatomimi no Miko wants to be the President of the Human Village. – Wrong❌

222° 𝐓he Gensokyo´s Barrier is not like a solid, tangible wall. – Right✅

223° 𝐓he Bunbunmaru News is so popular among the tengu that it even won several competitions. – Wrong❌

224° 𝐓here are only two official bands in Gensokyo, the Prismriver Music Orchestra and the Choujuu Gigaku punk rock band. – Wrong❌

225° 𝐓he currency in Gensokyo is the Japanese yen. – Right✅

226° 𝐓he more forgotten youkai are in the outside world, the more powerful they become. – Right✅

► [̲̅U̲̅] –

227° 𝐔nlike most common youkai, Kogasa Tatara doesn’t eat humans. – Right✅

228° 𝐔nzan, as a foreseeing nyuudou, is still trying to deceive humans in Gensokyo by disguising himself. – Right✅

229° 𝐔nlike Yukari, Yuyuko doesn’t mind being called “old”. – Wrong❌

230° 𝐔tsuho Reiuji’s species is native to Former Hell. – Right✅

231° 𝐔nshou, the fisherman in WaHH Ep.11, is secretly a hermit. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅W̲̅] –

232° 𝐖akasagihime, as a Mermaid, is a great menace to humans. – Wrong❌

233° 𝐖hen Seiga lived in ancient China, she was one of the few hermits residing there. – Wrong❌

234° 𝐖henever Reimu Hakurei confronts whoever might be responsible for a problem, she will beat them up without hearing them out. – Wrong❌

235° 𝐖riggle Nightbug has no interests in humans, and she does not try to improve her relationship with them. – Wrong❌

236° 𝐖hen the Hakurei Shrine maiden deals with an incident, someone will follow her around for observations. – Right✅

237° 𝐖hen Shinigami is too lazy to do its job, it will lose its identity. – Right✅

238° 𝐖hile the Hakurei Shrine was created to uphold the Great Hakurei Barrier, this connection has long separated. The barrier will be just fine without the shrine. – Wrong❌

► [̲̅Y̲̅] –

239° 𝐘oukai and humans living together in harmony have more or less become accepted by Reimu. – Wrong❌

240° 𝐘oukai in Gensokyo have the duty to protect humans. – Right✅

241° 𝐘uyuko Saigyouji is no such thing as a “Big eater.” – Wrong❌

242° 𝐘oshika Miyako is originally a jiang-shi from China. – Wrong❌

243° 𝐘oshika Miyako doesn’t have much of a brain left, but she occasionally recites poems. – Right✅

244° 𝐘amame Kurodani is a very popular youkai in the underworld. – Right✅

245° 𝐘oumu Konpaku is afraid of ghosts. – Right✅

246° 𝐘ukari Yakumo, as a Youkai Sage, is very kind to her shikigami. – Wrong❌

247° 𝐘uuka Kazami from Phantasmagoria of Flower View has nothing to do with Yuuka from Lotus Land Story. – Wrong❌

248° 𝐘uyuko Saigyouji brought spring back to Gensokyo by dancing in the air throwing cherry blossoms in every direction. – Right✅

249° 𝐘ukari Yakumo is very cautious about leaving and entering Gensokyo and even goes through sterilization procedures every time. – Right✅

► [̲̅Z̲̅] –

250° 𝐙UN Confirmed that Hecatia Lapislazuli is the strongest Touhou character ever. – Wrong❌

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