Pokemon Unite: All Items List

It is a list of items in Pokemon Unite.


Item List


* The amount of increase in the status of your belongings is the value at level 30.

* The values ​​in parentheses of the effect are the values ​​at the level (1/10/20).

item effect
Sharp claw image

Sharp claws

Attack +15
Key point rate + 2.1%

The damage of the next normal attack using the technique is increased by (10/15/20) or more. The amount of increase increases as the attack increases. If you have a Pokemon that is good at short-range battles, the movement speed of the opponent’s Pokemon will also be reduced for a while.

Discerning glasses image

Discerning glasses

Special attack +39

Increases damage on hit by (40/50/60) or more. The amount of increase increases as the special attack increases.

Jakutenhoken image


HP +210
Attack +15

If you take damage, your attack will increase by (2 / 2.5 / 3%) or more for a short time. The ascending width of the attack increases according to the number of times it is damaged.

Eating image


HP + 240
HP recovery +9

While away from combat, heals (1 / 1.5 / 2)% of maximum HP every second.

Rugged lump image

Rugged Mett

HP +270
Defense +42

When it receives a certain amount of damage, it deals damage equivalent to (3/4/5)% of its maximum HP to the surrounding opponent’s Pokemon.

Totsugeki waistcoat image

Totsugeki waistcoat

HP +270
Special defense +42

While away from combat, you will get a shield that negates the damage caused by the special attack by (9/12/15)% of the maximum HP.

Gakushu Sochi image

Gakushu Sochi

HP +240
Movement speed +150

While your experience points are the lowest among your team, the experience points gained will increase (2/3/4) every second. Also, if a nearby teammate KOs a wild Pokemon, the experience value gained by the KOed teammate will increase a little.

Shingeki glasses image

Shingeki glasses

Special attack +24

When you score a goal, the special attack goes up (8/12/16).

Dumbbell image


Attack +18

When you score a goal, the attack goes up (6/9/12).

Eos biscuit image

Eos biscuits

HP + 240

When you score a goal, your maximum HP increases (100/150/200).

Goal supporter image

Goal supporter

HP + 450

When trying to score a goal, get a shield effect equivalent to (5 / 7.5 / 10)% of maximum HP. You will not be disturbed by the goal while you are getting the shield effect.

Otasuke barrier image

Otasuke Barrier

HP + 600

When you use Unite Move, it gives a shield effect that is (20/30/40)% of the maximum HP of each Pokemon that has the lowest HP in you and your surroundings.

Pumice image


Attack +24
Movement speed +120

Increases movement speed by (10/15/20)% while away from combat.

Energy amplifier image

Energy amplifier

Ease of collecting unite gauge + 6%
Waiting time -4.5%

Using the Unite move increases the damage dealt by (7/14/21)% for a short time.

Hachimaki image of Kiai

Kiai no Hachimaki

Defense +30
Special defense +30

When HP is low, heals (8/11/14)% of the previously reduced HP every second for 3 seconds.

Monoshiri glasses image

Monolithic glasses

Special attack +39

Special attack increases by (3/5/7)%.

Seashell tin image

Seashell tin

Special attack +24
Waiting time-4.5%

Recovers your HP by (45/60/75) or more when hit. The higher the special attack, the greater the amount of HP recovered.

Focus lens image

Focus lens

Key point rate + 6%
Key point damage increase + 12%

Damage increases when a normal attack hits a critical point. The higher the attack, the greater the amount of damage increase.

Chikara Hachimaki image

Chikara Hachimaki

Attack +15
Normal attack speed + 7.5%

When hit by a normal attack, the damage is increased by (1/2/3)% of the remaining HP of the opponent’s Pokemon.


Battle items

item effect

Scratch image


Cool time : 30 seconds

Restores a little HP of your Pokemon.

Plus power image

Plus power

Cool time : 40 seconds

Raise your Pokemon’s attacks and special attacks for a while.

Speeder image


Cool time : 50 seconds

Increase the movement speed of your Pokemon for a while. Also, the movement speed will not decrease for a while.

Skitty tail image

Skitty’s tail

Cool time : 25 seconds

It makes wild Pokemon incapacitated for a short time and increases the damage done to that Pokemon.

Dashutsu button image

Dashutsu button

Cool time : 70 seconds

Immediately move your Pokemon in the specified direction.

Donsoku smoke image

Donsoku Smoke

Cool time : 40 seconds

Smoke screen and slow down the movement speed of the opponent’s Pokemon for a while.

Anything repair image

Fix anything

Cool time : 40 seconds

Heals your Pokemon’s condition and keeps it undisturbed for a short time afterwards.

Goal or sloppy image


Cool time : 90 seconds

The goal speed doubles for a while.


the expendables

item effect
Battle point boost card (7th) imageBattle Point Boost Card (7th) During the 7th, the battle points you will receive after the battle will be doubled.
Battle point boost card (3 days) imageBattle point boost card (3 days) For 3 days, the battle points you get after the battle will be doubled.
Battle point boost card (1 day) imageBattle point boost card (1 day) During the day, the number of battle points you will receive after the battle is doubled.
Eoscoin Boost Card (7th) ImageEoscoin Boost Card (7th) For 7 days, you will get double the number of Eos coins.
Eoscoin boost card (3 days) imageEoscoin Boost Card (3 days) Double the amount of Eos coins you can get for 3 days.
Eoscoin boost card (1 day) imageEoscoin Boost Card (1 day) Double the number of Eos coins you can get during the day.


item effect
Eoscoin image


It can be obtained in battles, events, etc. You can only get up to 2100 cards per week in battle.
Eos ticket image

Eos Ticket

Get it for rank match season rewards and events.
Mochimono Kyoka Kit Image

Mochimono Kyoka Kit

An item used to upgrade mochi.
Rename card imageRename card You can change the trainer name. Once changed, the trainer name cannot be changed for 3 days.

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