Pokemon Unite: Recommended Pokemon for Beginners

A remote type Pokemon with a long normal attack is recommended

Pikachu imagePikachu

Aceburn image


Arora Ninetales image

Arora Ninetales

Watashiraga image


Slowbro image


Recommended Pokemon for beginners are Pokemon that can damage distant Pokemon with a normal attack. Remote-type Pokemon can be pulled relatively safely when the physical strength becomes low, so even beginners can enjoy it with fewer number of deaths.


“Difficulty: Beginner” Pokemon is also recommended

Pokemon name feature

Pikachu image


[Attack type] (especially recommended!)

・ Wide range of normal attacks ・ Wide range of
unite techniques makes it easy to play an active role in team battles

Watashiraga image


[Support type] (especially recommended!)

・ You can recover the HP of allies ・ You can
slow down the movement speed of your opponent
・ Many support techniques for allies are versatile

Snorlax image


[Defense type] (Recommended!)

・ High durability and hard to die
・ When targeted by multiple enemies, you can sleep to tank
・ Heavy bomber can temporarily incapacitate the opponent and is powerful

Talonflame image


[Speed ​​type]

– demon of mobility
when · HP is large, all war return easy for the moving speed increases
powerful is beyond the wall and remember flying the-sky

Charizard image


[Balanced type]

・ Easy to hunt wild Pokemon at once with continuous damage
・ Can overcome walls with unite technique

Pokemon set as “Difficulty: Beginner” is recommended for understanding the game because the role in each lane is established.

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