Pokemon Unite: Best Character Rank (Tier List 2021)

It is the strongest character ranking in Pokemon Unite (Pokeyuna). If you are interested in what to buy with a unite license, please refer to it.


Best Character Tier List

Champion with a bug
Crustle image
Stronger than SS
Lucario image Wigglytuff image
Blastoise image Zeraora image Venusaur image Mr. Mime image Greninja image
Arora Ninetales image Aceburn image Woo image Blissey image Watashiraga image Snorlax image Pikachu image Talonflame image Absol image
Machamp image Slowbro image
Charizard image
Garchomp image Gardevoir image Genger image


Explanation of the strongest tier character ranking

Champion with a bug

Pokémon role Recommended lane

Crustle image

Iwa Palace

Defense type Top or bottom
・ High durability and easy to defend the goal
・ High firepower after hitting the ball
・ Enecostello type is powerful

Currently, the more you die, the easier it is to collect Unite techniques, and 1 to 5 is possible. If you are not on your side and you are on the other side until the correction is made, you are almost certain to lose.

It’s too strong, so it’s likely that an early fix will come in.

Stronger than SS

Pokémon role Recommended lane
Lucario image


Balanced type anywhere
・ Powerful mobility using techniques
・ Glow punch is ideal for surprise attacks
・ Burst damage is the best

Wigglytuff image


Support type Top or bottom
・ Powerful debuff effect of singing
・ Many action restriction techniques
・Increasedendurance and power

Explanation of SS rank (Tier 1) characters

Pokémon role Recommended lane
Blastoise image


Defense type anywhere
・ Strong spin of wiping and kosoku
・ Can generate firepower while being durable
・ Unite’s intentional shield effect goes well with goal supporters
Zeraora image


Speed ​​type anywhere
・ Very high firepower
・ Strong mobility of Bolchen
・ Wide range of unite techniques and strong group battles
Venusaur image


Attack type Up
・ The leaf cutter in the early stages is powerful.
・ The range of techniques is long and the harassment performance is high.
Mr. Mime image

Mr. Mime

Support type Top or bottom
・ You can chase the opponent with the barrier
・ Powerful unite technique
・ Powerful when used with full pa
Greninja image


Attack type Central
・ Long range of normal attacks
・Easy to hunt wild Pokemon
・High escape performance and hard to be defeated
・ High firepower of Naminori

Explanation of S rank (Tier 2) characters

Pokémon role Recommended lane
Arora Ninetales image

Arora Ninetales

Attack type Top or bottom
・ Many action-restricting techniques are powerful.
・ Aurora veil’s damage reduction is excellent.
・ It is also attractive to freeze if you keep hitting the attack.
Aceburn image


Attack type Top or bottom
・ Long range of normal attacks
・High firepower of blaze kick
・ High firepower due to characteristics
・ Quick to take thunder and turtles
Woo image


Attack type Top or bottom
・ High firepower of technique
・ The best firepower of unite technique
・Hunting wild Pokemon is quick, and the ability to steal todome from enemies is also high
Blissey image


Support type Top or bottom
・ High recovery ability, easy to maintain lane, strong
・ Difficult to be inferior in early battles
・ Excellent knockback of egg bombs

Watashiraga image


Support type Top or bottom
・ Recovery technique is powerful
・ It is difficult to be inferior in the early battle
・ The technique to increase the movement speed of everyone is powerful
・ If you use the unite technique at the timing when you are about to die, it may be reversed

Snorlax image


Defense type Top or bottom
・ High durability and easy to defend goals
・ You can earn time with unite techniques
・Combo from heavy bomber is powerful

Pikachu image


Attack type Top or bottom
・ Long range of normal attacks and strong
・ Abundant techniques to restrain opponents
・ Strong in the early stages but sluggish in the final stages

Talonflame image


Speed ​​type Top or center
・ Mobility is superior to other Pokemon
・ Movement speed is fast
・ You can leave the front by jumping in the sky
・ You can make it a Brave Bird and specialize in firepower

Absol image


Speed ​​type Central
・ Powerful mobility using techniques
・Excellent buff effect when hitting techniques

Explanation of A rank (Tier 3) characters

Pokémon role Recommended lane

Machamp image


Balanced type anywhere
・ Easy to hit key points and high firepower
・ Ambush is powerful with techniques to increase movement speed
・Excellent buffing ability of unite technique

Slowbro image


Defense type Top or bottom
・ High durability and easy to defend the goal
・ Powerful unite technique that can incapacitate one opponent

B rank (Tier 4) character commentary

Pokémon role Recommended lane

Charizard image


Balanced type Central
・ Easy to hunt wild Pokemon with range technique
・Unite technique when superior is unstoppable
・ It takes time to become stronger

Explanation of C rank (Tier 5) characters

Pokémon role Recommended lane

Garchomp image


Balanced type anywhere
・ High firepower of skill and normal attack
・ Easy to hunt Rotom and Thunder
・ Weak and difficult to raise level until evolution

Gardevoir image


Attack type Top or center
・ Strong glares of Kajirigame
・ Long distance of technique and easy to cause damage
・ High firepower of technique
・ Weak until evolution and difficult to raise level

Genger image


Speed ​​type Central
・ Head exposure → Haunting is strong
・ Instant firepower ghost
・ It is hard if allies do not know the countermeasures

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