Potionomics: All Masterwork 5 Star Potions (Recipes)

This is a small guide to help achieve all potions with 5 stars at Masterwork level. I will be testing different recipes in order the gest the best result I can. This guide might take sometime to complete properly, but be patience, since im trying to update it at least once or twice every day with new results. Later down the road I will look into best recipes for all different levels, but thats probably for a second play, im at the first yet.


Aspects to consider

  • Cauldrons used at the start was Crater Cauldron +2. Changed to Magical Wasteland Cauldron +1 at day 44.
  • Im focusing only on getting them to 5 Stars, the Quantity can change, sometimes you can make 5 potions and 0 stars or 4 potions 5 stars. I will do the best I can to get the 5 start 5 potions but if not, I will at least share the 4 potions 5 stars
  • So far I have not invested to much time on the additional effects of smell, taste, etc. So I cant provide a better solution in that regard
  • I have no idea if there are multiple ways to get the best result posible, so I will test that later down the road
  • This might take a while to complete, be patience with me pls
  • Math is too hard for my monkey brain, so monkey see colors and shapes to make potions



Masterwork Health Potion
1 Mana Vortex
4 Cosmic Cassava
2 Pandemonium Shroom
2 Dragonblood Tick
1 Pegasus Mite
(100% Rate of Success)

Masterwork Mana Potion
3 Nuclear Shadow
2 Liquid Metal Ore
3 Cosmic Cassava
2 Wendigo Antler
(100% Rate of Success)

Masterwork Speed Potion
6 Dragon Dung
3 Dragonfire Pearl
1 Underworld Pomegranate
(100% Rate of Success)

Masterwork Tolerance Potion
4 Lamia Shed Scales
4 Owlbear Pheromones
2 Winged Gelatin
1 Mana Heart
1 Mana Conflagration
(Unstable – Testing Improvements)


Masterwork Alertness Enhancer
3 Dragon Fire Pearls
3 Ectoplasm
3 Delirium Shroom
1 Magma Beetle
(100% Rate of Success)

Masterwork Seeking Enhancerr
2 Lich’s Femur
3 Cyclops Skull
1 Mana Heart
1 Mana Singularity
(100% Rate of Success)


Masterwork Curse Cure
3 Dragonegg Citrus
2 Owlbear Pheromones
2 Nuclear Shadow
2 Mana Singularity
(100% Rate of Success)


Masterwork Fire Tonic
4 Amphitere’s Shadow
2 Cobweb Crayfish
3 Wendigo Antler
1 Dragonblood Tick
1 Pandemonium Shroom
1 Mana Maelstrom
(100% Rate of Success)

More Soon

How to get the materials?

Short answer is:

  • Use the Heroes, Heroes Guild or Duo Cats to get materials at least for the first time
  • Then give them to Quinn
  • Now buy them every single time you can and need
  • Get more fast with the Gardening Slimes

Long answer is:

  • Where every single material correspond to the area the Heroes can go, but thats for the future in this guide

By Don Gonzalito

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