Potionomics: Roflstomp Haggling Deck

This deck should land you at the theoretical maximum every haggle, and unless you are very unlucky the customer never gets a turn.



The Deck

The Strategy
Your first goal is to hit Rattle ‘Em Off as soon as possible. Extend your turn with Captivate and Jingle, use Encore if you have to, pull more cards with Serenity of Mind, Press the Attack/Scheme and Improv.

Once you have the Fluidity Buff active, you are in an infinite turn as your deck loops around if you pull too many cards. Use Captivate, Jingle and Improv and you gain Infinite Patience as you are just pulling the same cards you just played eventually. The screen craps out and makes using the cards at the edges difficult. Use Mulligan to mix the cards 🙂

Once you have infinite patience, your goal is to stack Craftsmanship and Artistry as high as possible before you hit max Interest and are forced to end. Make sure to end with Hustle for the 15 + 5 (Closer) percent bonus.

Notes, alternate cards, bugs?

As haggles automatically end when interest is maxed, there is a natural hard limit on the amount of money you can fleece customers for.

If only Artistry and Craftsmanship didnt also add interest, this would be an infinite money exploit.

This is an endgame deck as the requirements are quite high, the core card Rattle is only available in the final week.

[The numbers are the card numbers, not relationship levels]
Mulligan: Oswald 4 [Not technically needed, but useful once your screen overflows]
Rattle ‘Em Off: Oswald 5 (max)
Captivate: Baptiste 1
Press the Attack: Quinn 2 [Can also use Scheme instead]
Hustle: Quinn 7 [Not strictly needed, any closer works, Sleigh of Hand is good]
Craftsmanship: Muktuk 3
Artistry: Muktuk 7 [You could go with just Craftsmanship too]
Serenity of Mind: Saffron 7 [Can be substituted with Scheme, i guess]
Tranquility: Saffron 8 (max) [Not actually needed, but a nice all-in-one Stress solution]
Jingle: Xidriel 1
Improv: Xidriel 4
Encore: Xidriel 8 (max) [Depending on luck, you wont need it]

We abuse what i am fairly sure is a bug with Jingle – it reduces the Patience cost of the next card by 2, but this GOES NEGATIVE!! If you play a 0 Patience card like Captivate after Jingle, you actually get back 2 patience from the effect.

Rattle ‘Em Off is an infinite patience factory because your deck loops around after 20 cards. If you have all 20 cards in hand and play Captivate, you immediatly draw Captivate again.

Encore is useful if you dont find Rattle in time and need more patience. Its also a good “oh crap” card to extend the turn.

If you happen to have stress and draw stress cards, just keep going until you see Tranquility and then get rid of them all 😉

The game cannot properly draw your entire deck in your hand, the cards on the edges cannot be played anymore. Use Mulligan to mix your hand in that case.

Keep an eye on the interest meter and make sure to trigger the closer to max interest for the flat 15% + 5% bonus it adds.


Some customer which i am about to end with my closer, i never stopped my turn 1.
Unless you are unlucky with your first draw, the customer should never get their turn.


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