RimWorld: Best Mod “Misc Robots ++” Guide

This is a Guide to one of the Amazing mod of Misc Robots ++, once you have it, you can’t live without it!


Welcome Fellow Rimworlders!

Welcome Fellow Rimworlders to my Guide on Misc Robots ++
I’ve made a short and funny complete guide Video here so you can quickly learn everything about one of the best rimworld mods out there. This mod will make sure rimworld experience much easier and you will have to worry about a lot less going on in your colony!

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I will also write this out too but I would really recommend checking out the video :)!

Research Tab

To be able to use all these amazing little bots we must go to the research Tab find robotics ++

Firstly we will need to have robotics fundamentals researched and then each type of bot you would like to use along with at least simple logic researched completed.
Now what do these logic matrix actually mean?
Well With each new logic module gives you access to build higher skill level bots.

The Simple logic matrix will give your bot a skill level of 4

The Basic logic matrix give your bot a skill level of 8

The intermediate logic matrix will give your bot a skill level of 13

The advanced logic matrix will give your bot a skill level of 16

And the anti logic matrix will give your bot the god like skill of 20

Once everything has been researched we will have access to the GOD TIER OMNI BOT.
The Omni Bot, can is all of the top tier bots combined into one super bot!

They are the Omni man of bots!

Meet the Bots

Kitchen Bots

These units are capable of cooking, as well as sowing and cutting plants.
A useful robot both in the kitchen and on the farm.

Cleaner Bots

Unfortunately for Them, they spend their life cleaning up after other people.
Now you never need to break out a broom again!

Builder Bots

Builder Bots are capable of constructing, deconstructing, repairing and mining, they will also cut plants that are in the way, but they cannot be used for farming.

Crafting Bots

Crafting Bots are capable of smithing, tailoring and crafting. The perfect workers for an automated assembly line.

Hauler Bot

Hauling Bot’s Backs Generally hurt due to the fact that they are normally carrying the colony by doing all the heavy lifting.

ER Bots

ER Bots are emergency response Bots capable of treating patients, harvesting their organs and fighting fires.

Omni Bots

The Omnibots require all research to be completed in tech tree before being able to build them.
The Omnibots can do the jobs of all the other bots at the god tier skill level of 20.

How to make them!

There are 4 things you need to start making very own bots

1. You will need a fabrication bench

2. You need to make the robotic components
Which cost 50 silver, 20 steel and 2 components
3. You will need to then make the robotics logic matrix.
(They will require more to make the more advanced they get)

4. Then you will need to make the bot’s base station which will cost you either a small amount of steel or plasteel depending on the level of bot you are making + the logic matrix which you just made.

Repairing Them

Sometimes you may forget to recall them and they will roll out into battle to fight along side you with the enemy.

IF they get destoryed its ok, you can just click on their base station and it will give you the option to repair them.

Want to get better at Rimworld?

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