Star Renegades: Item Unlock Guide

An attempt at an optimal item unlock progression and guide.


The Meat
Star Renegades Item Unlock Outline

WIP (need to include Varangion, Gunslinger, High Entropy Metas & more)
This outline was created after reading multiple articles and guides on the subject. I take no credit for almost all of the information in here but I do support it. This is not a full list quite yet. Truthfully the only time you really need to cater your item set to win is in higher Entropy tiers so I’ll make a Meta Item List for high entropies next.
So, without further ado, let’s do this thang.

Inflicts Extra Stagger (and stagger % if possible)
Zenith – Blade (Davion, Spectre, Wynn)
Maelstrom – Gauntlet (Davion, Spectre, Aegis, Jug, Archon)
Seether – Blaster (Saboteur, Spectre, Commando)
Desecrator (or Desolation if you struggle w/ Armor Dmg.) – Rifle (Commando, Spectre)
Peacekeeper – Implant (Saboteur, Commando)

Regen Shields/Auto Regen Shields
Colossus – Device (Archon, Empath, Gunslinger)
Exalter – Device (Archon, Empath, Gunslinger)

Peacekeeper – Implant (NODO)

Conquest – Blaster (Nodo, Bentley, Spectre, Gunslinger?)
Beholder – Implant (Jens, Nodo, Bentley, Spectre)
Debilitator – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Commando, Marks)

Mix & Match Meta Ideas:

All Bleed Zinduchi’s META (Super OP Actual META, Most Effective Tactics Available)
Agitator – Implant (Any Implant Attacker, the more targets the better AOEers)
Lacerating – Blaster (Nodo, Bentley, Spectre, Gunslinger?)
Harbinger – Blade (Spectre, Davion, Wynn)

Pure Damage Hapaxed META (Tested successfully up through Extreme)
Requiem – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Marks, Commando)
Debilitator – Rifle (Jens, Spectre, Marks, Commando)
Vindicator – Implant (Really Depends on what the item rolls are each run who gets it)

Fury Generation (Meme Build)
Biorifle – Rifle? 😊 (Jens, Spectre, Commando, Marks, any attacking riflewielder)
Willbreaker – Implant (Fast Critter)
Bulwark Core – Device (Aegis, Jug, any front liner that gets hit a lot or tanks)
Defiler – Blade (Davion, Spectre, Wynn)
Hulker – Gauntlet (Any Gauntlet Attacker)
Syphoning – Blaster (Any Blaster Wielder)

Nanogauntlets – Gauntlets? 😊 (Any Gauntlet Attacker, the more targets the better AOE)
Boneslicer – Blade (Davion, Wynn, Spectre)

Damage Reflect (Aegis Specific)
Voidwalker – Device (Aegis)
Ultimatum – Implant (Aegis)

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