Barotrauma: Locked Door Mechanism Guide

Guide to Creating a Locked Door Mechanism in Barotrauma Unleash your creativity in the depths of Barotrauma with this comprehensive guide to designing locked door mechanisms. Elevate your gameplay by transforming rooms into secure areas or brigs, where access is controlled by your engineering prowess. Learn the step-by-step process of wiring toggle switches to doors, … Read more

Barotrauma: How to Blow Up the Reactor

A guide on how to operate the reactor.   How to (Not) Blow Up the Reactor To avoid blowing up the reactor, you must not set turbine output to minimum and fission rate to maximum. And you most certainly should not detonate an explosive such as a frag grenade afterwards. Such a blunder will skip … Read more

Barotrauma: How to Play Europan Chequers

Here is a guide created by Spoon on how to play Europan Chequers!   Setting the Board In order to play Europan Chequers one must have 1 Large Steel Cabinet to serve as the board, 5 items to represent player 1’s pieces, 5 different items to represent player 1’s kings, 5 items for player 2’s … Read more

Barotrauma: Mechanic Guide (Average to Artisan)

A guide to the Mechanic class, including talent explanations and recommended order for leveling up.   The Fledgling Handyman Ah, the Mechanic. Responsible for keeping the submarine’s machines in working order, you’ll have a place in any crew that dives in alien waters. You could be forgiven for thinking that your only role is being … Read more

Barotrauma: Looting Wrecks for Dummies

An overall guide for how to scavenge wrecks both safely and efficiently.   The Very Basics Wrecks are basically the remains of the submarines whose crews weren’t as lucky as you. They can be found in every biome of the game, and there is almost always one on each map. They are always on the … Read more

Barotrauma: All Job Talent Trees 2021

This guide contains the descriptions for all of the elements in each job’s talent trees. Assuming the developer elects to document this on their own, this guide will be obsoleted when that is written.   What this guide does: This guide only contains the given descriptions for each item in the talent tree for each … Read more