Barotrauma: Locked Door Mechanism Guide

Guide to Creating a Locked Door Mechanism in Barotrauma

Unleash your creativity in the depths of Barotrauma with this comprehensive guide to designing locked door mechanisms. Elevate your gameplay by transforming rooms into secure areas or brigs, where access is controlled by your engineering prowess. Learn the step-by-step process of wiring toggle switches to doors, and master the art of door security with ease.



When the toggle switch is OFF (red) the door is locked, preventing crew members from opening it. This secure state adds an element of challenge, introducing strategic considerations to crew movements and interactions. Crew members outside the room will find themselves unable to access its contents.

Conversely, when the toggle switch is ON (green), the door is unlocked. This grants normal door functionality, allowing crew members to freely open and close the door as needed. This versatility ensures that you can seamlessly transition between locked and unlocked states, adapting to changing circumstances on your submarine.

Begin by selecting the room you wish to convert into a brig or secure area. Ensure that the door you intend to lock has a Door Control Panel.

Bill of Materials:

Crafting Materials (per single item)
Carbon: 1, Silicon: 2
FPGA Circuit
Copper: 2, Plastic: 1, Tin: 1
Signal Check Component
FPGA Circuit: 1, Tin: 1
Wire (Blue)
Copper: 1, Rubber: 1

Wiring Diagram:
Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the wiring diagram. This will serve as a visual reference throughout the process.

Click on the picture to see it in full resolution.
Unused connection pins were removed from the diagram for clarity.

Start Wiring:
Begin wiring your locked door mechanism according to the diagram. Connect the components as indicated, following a systematic approach.

Test and Adjust:
Test your locked door mechanism to ensure proper functionality. Make any necessary adjustments based on your testing. Always test your creations in a controlled environment to prevent accidental lockouts or hazardous situations.

With your locked door mechanism in place, you can craft immersive scenarios, enhance role-playing experiences, and strategically control access on your submarine. Empower captains and engineers to manage the flow of crew members while adding depth to your underwater adventures.

Shape your sub’s destiny with locked doors that guard the secrets of the deep.

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