Barotrauma: Job Guidelines for Beginners and Veterans

Purpose of this guideline is to set an example and give an idea about the barotrauma job you want to play as and find the joy in game by contributing to your crew members and submarine in campaigns.


Important before reading guidelines
These are in no means obligations and you should pick a job that you are going to enjoy while providing for the crew members.

However, when you apply and play as a job, crew members especially Captain can and will have expectations from you, and it is only fair to do at least bare minimum for a better Barotrauma experience both for you and your crew.

These are Guidelines that I have created for my crew Warband of Trinity but in time decided these are informations that will be helpful to both beginners and veterans alike.

– Help repairing hull, junctions, pumps.
– Help organising (For exm. ask medic if he/she needs help to move some items)
– Assist in dive missions (Wrecks, ruins)
– Learn about gardening ( Place planting box > apply seed > water when neccesary )
– Communicate with crew on what they need, and provide if possible

– Prioritise fixing mechanical systems (pumps, engine etc)
– Repair Hulls, including outside of sub
– Keep crafting cabinet organised (Not neccesarly organise it, but keep it as it is organised)
– Craft materials items/objects that will be beneficial to crew (exm combat/abyss diving suits)
– Attend to Beacon Station repairs

– Prioritise fixing electrical systems (junctions, reactor etc)
– Maintain reactor, add and stabilize new fuel rods if submarine has power shortage
– Craft essential materials(Lead for Coil, Steel for harpoon etc), especially fuel rods
– Attend to Beacon Station repairs

– Stay on your post as much as possible(Gunnery and Sonar)
– Craft ANY weapon related items (Coils, Laser Ammos, Railgun Shells, Explosives, Especially Harpoons)
– Organise Armory, try to keep it clean if it is already organised
– Whenever coilgun is empty or railgun shells are spent replace them do not ask for anyone else to craft you coils or ammos unless you are occupied, remember all sorts of weaponry are yours to craft and stock
– Weapons(Smg, shotgun) are for emergency! Do not waste ammo on anything that can be dealt with harpoons, firearm ammos are scarge meanwhile harpoons are very cheap and reliable to craft.
– Attend to any mission. Secure wreck, assist miners at cave, clearing nests etc

– Keep crew healthy (Anything below %70 hp is not healthy)
– Organise Med-bay and toxic cabinet, keep it organised if it already
– Craft all neccesary medical supplies (Morphine, Blood Bags, Bandages)
– Highly suggested to assist your Dive team in Wrecks, Abandoned Outposts, Nests, they will need you !

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