Barotrauma: How to Play Europan Chequers

Here is a guide created by Spoon on how to play Europan Chequers!


Setting the Board

In order to play Europan Chequers one must have 1 Large Steel Cabinet to serve as the board, 5 items to represent player 1’s pieces, 5 different items to represent player 1’s kings, 5 items for player 2’s pieces and 5 for player 2’s kings.
Arrange the pieces in the way shown in the image

Moving Your Pieces

So you’ve set up the board you have your pieces ready and are prepared to play, now its time to begin.
Choose a player to go first by some means then they move their pieces in the following ways
1. Move Forward
Move your pierce forward like shown
2. Move your pieces diagonally

Capturing an Opponent’s Piece

When you have a piece diangle from an opponent’s that has an open space behind them you may capture the piece as shown below

Kinging your Pieces

Once one of your pieces reaches the opponent’s end of the board it is kinged
It can then move in the same fashion as regular pieces to your side of the board as shown

Winning the Game

The person who either captures all their opponents pieces or has the most pieces after a pre-determined time wins the game and gets…. probably nothing.

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