Medieval Dynasty: Mine Inside Map

Hexagon grid maps showing the aproximate inside layout of the mines with mine nodes location   Intro The maps are made using an hexagon grid roughly displayng the inside layout of the cave and its nodes location. The nodes are sometimes broken in smaller triangles to better represent nodes location. The orientation is always relative … Read more

Medieval Dynasty: Horses Guide

In this guide I want to share my experience as a horse breeder in Medieval Dynasty. If you ever wondered what the coat colors are, you can see pictures of them here.   Acquiring Horses You need 2000 technology points in Farming to build a stable. After you have built a stable, you can buy … Read more

Medieval Dynasty: Map Guide

Here is a full map guide in the Medieval Dynasty. enjoy it.   MAP * How to use MAP? – “W” & “S” to zoom-in & zoom-out towards where the mouse cursor is pointing, or by using the mouse scroll wheel. – Press “F” to tag Waypoint in and out into the MAP. By pointing … Read more

Medieval Dynasty: Skills Guide

Here is full skills guide in Medieval Dynasy. Skills – Diplomacy Without Diplomacy Knowledge – Tier 1. Without Barter – Tier 2. =========================================================================== “Diplomacy XP is awarded per transaction or per whole of 10 coins. No matter what items, it’s the number of coins that count“. Note: – When selling certain items their percentage condition … Read more

Medieval Dynasty: Tools Guide

Here is a full tools guide in Medieval Dynasty.   Tools – NPC Worker Tools =========================================================================== What you don’t need so far – Currently, building distance does not matter. However, you won’t see any animation if the NPC worker does not near their target. It does not mean they won’t produce, an exception to Farmer. … Read more

Medieval Dynasty: How to Transfer Saves Pass to Steam

Here is a full guide on How to Transfer Game Pass to Steam, enjoy it.   How to Transfer Save Pass to Steam Reference: CTRL+C = Copy CTRL+V = Paste F12 = Rename a selected file =========================================================================== Xbox Game Pass Save Game Folder =========================================================================== Step 1 – Requirement: Open Medieval Dynasty from the installed game … Read more

Medieval Dynasty Cheat (Save File Edit)

How to modify your save game for easier progress in the game. Note: Medieval Dynasty 1.0 is now fully released on Sep 23. Introduction In this guide, you will find how to edit you’re savegame for an easier progression on the game or to accomplish weird goals. ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP! Step 1-4 Step 1: … Read more