Medieval Dynasty Cheat (Save File Edit)

How to modify your save game for easier progress in the game.

Note: Medieval Dynasty 1.0 is now fully released on Sep 23.


In this guide, you will find how to edit you’re savegame for an easier progression on the game or to accomplish weird goals.

Step 1-4

Step 1:
Enter Medieval Dynasty and make a custom save then exit the game.

Mine is 123456f

Step 2:
Find you’re savegame on:
C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\Medieval_Dynasty\Saved\SaveGames

Step 3:

Upload you save game on this site:

Step 4:

Press Ctrl+f and search for the keywords down in the guide.

Too change the value click on the highlighted green value.

Then change it with what value you want.


For Coins you need to remember how many coins you have at the moment you save.

Then Put the value of coins between (). Ex:

After you find the line where the coins are saved

Change the green value with how many coins you want.

If you put more then 999999 probably it will break the game.

Dynasty Reputation

Same steps as on Coins
Remember you’re dynasty value then put in between ()

Then change the green value

Do not put more than 10000 if u dint finish chapter 9.

Technology tree

As on Coins and Reputation find the line with the keywords:
Crafting (Production tech)
Farming (Farming tech)
Building (Building tech)
Survival (Survival tech)
Then change the value with the desired one.


How to duplicate items.
You can duplicate them on you’re inventory or by dropping them on the ground for both of situations you need to:
You need too have already had an unusual amount. (so it won’t collide with other values)
Like on Reputation or Coins put the value between () and search it with ctrl+f.
Then change the green value with the desired value.

Medieval Dynasty Individual Skills

Search with ctrl+f the following:
E_P_ -Extraction exp
H_P_ -Hunting exp
F_P_ -Farming exp
D_P_ -Diplomacy exp
S_P_ -Survival exp
C_P_ -Crafting exp
If you find these lines change the value to 2999 and when you will enter the game you will have 2999/3000 exp and you can level up. I did not try it with more than 2999.If you want to level up all at once do this:
Find the first line that looks like this :
Change the value by the following these instructions:
If you have level 1 on that skill with 0 exp you can change the value to 13000 but if you have some exp already you need to calculate the exp so it does t exceed the max value of 13000 or it will get buggy.


You can change HOUR/YEAR/SECOND/MINUTE settings
They will be the first one on the list.
You can change them but some of you’re villagers sometimes will die.
These settings are very buggy so be careful.
You can change you’re villagers and you’re character age:
When you will search age you will find lots of results.(you’ll have the skills and ages of all villagers on the world)
To find you’re the character you need too have matching skills and age.
This is my character(C_P_ is low because i have max level)
And this is a usual villager:
He’s a farmer because has high F_P_ but he also was a hunter because he has some H_P_ exp as well.

Final step

Download the updated file from the site then overwrite it on:
C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\Medieval_Dynasty\Saved\SaveGames
By Alex

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  1. Hey! Great work! Any idea if it’s possible to change the setting for the fast crafting after in the after a new game has started. I’m really struggling to find it in the editor


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