Medieval Dynasty: Mine Inside Map

Hexagon grid maps showing the aproximate inside layout of the mines with mine nodes location



The maps are made using an hexagon grid roughly displayng the inside layout of the cave and its nodes location. The nodes are sometimes broken in smaller triangles to better represent nodes location.

The orientation is always relative to the player entering the cave, being the entrance the hexagon that touches the lower border of the images.

The hexagon or triangle collors depicts the following:

Brown: walkable path
Yellow: salt node
Red: copper node
Green: tin node
Blue: iron node

The following map shows the cave each map is referencing:

Mine 1 – north of Branica

Mine 2 – south of Lesnica

Mine 3 – southwest of Gostovia

Mine 4 – northeast of Jezerica

Mine 5 – east of hornica

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