The Descendant: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in The Descendant.


Episode one

End of the world
The plot achievement.Big bad boom!
It is necessary to arrange an explosion the first time. As a prompt appears for pressing the E key, do not rush to press it immediately, wait until the outer circle approaches another.

I have a bad feeling
The plot achievement.

Specialist in what area
I play for Mia after meeting with Sylos, he will ask you to fumble about something. Choose any option except silence.

We will need some documents
You need to find a certificate while the water heating system breaks and you will rush to it to fix it. Of course, we can do nothing more. You can look at the corridors of the bunker and look at them for some useless garbage, but there is nothing to worry about.

It is necessary to repair the water heating system.

Quick and skillful
You need to fix the water heating system in less than 10 minutes.

Unhealthy environment
It is necessary not to have time to fix the water heating system. It is enough to do nothing and wait until the time runs out. And after that you need to go through the entire episode.

Is lying the best policy?
When accessing the computer, you will notice a critical error. A dialog box opens in which you need to say that everything is in order.

At the end of the part
The plot achievement.

Episode two

Then may your sacrifice not be in vain
The plot achievement.Icebreaker
The plot achievement.

In the heart of the storm
The plot achievement.

And again in the heat
The plot achievement.

Well done, man, but don’t worry
It is necessary to help Randolph to do what we ourselves do not fumble, and moreover, without errors. They will give us some sort of leaflet in which little is understood. Well, actually this is what we will tell him and we will hope that Allah, if we make a mistake, will take his soul.
Coolant – 1-3-2
Plumbing – back flow
Wires – Detach all black and blue wires
Grounding – Connect it to socket G86

With great power …
The plot achievement.

By screws!
Almost plot. You need to fix the fan the first time i.e. don’t die. There is nothing complicated here.

Top class service
The plot achievement.

The plot achievement.

Donnie Knockout
The plot achievement.

Episode three

Today is your lucky day
The plot achievement.With a spoonful of sugar …
The plot achievement.

Holy patience
The plot achievement.

Cleanliness is the best beauty
The plot achievement

Two is a company
The plot achievement

Three is a crowd
The plot achievement

Four is already a party
The plot achievement

The only achievement in the episode that you can skip. Having received the key card level 4, we go down to the warehouse where it is full of boxes. Having reached the crossroads, which in the screenshot we are going in the opposite direction, there is an open container in which there is a board with a photo.

Whole century in a box
The plot achievement

From the fire …
The plot achievement

Episode four

Fire test
The plot achievement.Mad Arsonist
Immediately after receiving the previous achievement in the same corridor are cans and clothes with which you need to interact.

Under the veil
The plot achievement.

Chosen One!
The plot achievement.

Flea marketer
It is necessary to examine all objects with which you can interact in the hermit cave, it is best to inspect the table last, because a bug is possible due to which examining the table may not be the last to drop an achievement.

On a right way
The plot achievement.

Perseverance patriot
It is necessary to interact with this flag 4 times.

Friend or foe?
The plot achievement.

From Silas away.
The plot achievement.

Sesame, open up.
The plot achievement.

Episode five

An explosion from the past.
The plot achievement.Comprehensive Verification
Need to interact with every clickable object in this episode.

It will leave a scar
The plot achievement.

The elite of mankind
No one to shoot at.

Deadly Defender
Kill Randolph.

Enemy of the state
To kill Randolph’s son.

In less than twelve parsecs
When Donnie is interrogated again, a matrix road will appear that is trying to find Donnie. We need to go through all 3 strips while not getting damaged. Achievement will be given at the end of the episode.

New world
The plot achievement.

Only 108 descendants, the first is waiting for the inevitable death (in the first episode) of which we actually crush by car and 7 missing persons (in the fourth episode). At the end of each episode, you get an overview of how events were resolved and which may have caused an unfortunate demise. That is, the salvation of descendants depends on your actions.

Employee of the year
Get all the achievements in the game.

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