V Rising: Interactive Map (Bosses, Waygates, Resource Spawns, Abilities, Areas & More)

An interactive map of V Rising – detailing V Bosses, Waygates, Resource Spawns, Abilities, Areas & more!


V Rising Interactive Map

Hey all!

Been busy putting together an interactive map to help track down everything in V Rising (bosses, resource nodes, abilities, waygates, etc.)

V Rising Interactive Map


500+ locations mapped out so far – but still a sh*t ton left to find!

Some of the things on the map:

  • Vampire Waygates
  • V Blood Bosses (including abilities + upgrade rewards)
  • Resource Nodes (Blood Rose, Copper Veins, Ghost Crystals, etc.)
  • Areas (and what resources to farm)
  • Elite Enemies (Golems, Treants, Mantraps, etc.)
  • Quests [coming soon]

By Tspoon

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