Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Spell Guide

Funny spells to consider.


Terminology Guide

Backrow = spell / trap zone
Bounce = removing something off field but not sending to graveyard / banishing
Burn = dealing effect damage
Continuous = spell that must stay on-field to resolve
Cycle = changing cards in hand
Destruction = to destroy a card
Equip = spell that must stay equipped on-field to resolve
Face = front of card with all the stuff
Face-down = back of usually unknown card because face is unseen
Field = the active play area (monster/spell/trap zones)
Floodgate = denying opponent from playing
GY = short for graveyard
Handtrap = a card that is most useful and normally activates from hand
Negate = deny effect
Quick-play = spell activatable during opponent turn if set
Recycle = reusable / sending a card back into active play
Resource = something that helps fuel plays
Search / Searcher = add specific card(s) from deck to hand
Set = play a card face-down
Situational = usually bad card except when useful
Synergy = works okay together
Targeting = a mechanic relevant to some cards
Yoink = steal opponent’s monster

Spell Guide Updates

Coming Eventually

  • Trap Guide (not clickbait)
  • Monster Guide (lack of data)

Practical Spells

  • UR
  • That Grass Looks Greener (GY send)
  • Raigeki (solo mode reward monster destruction)
  • Harpie’s Feather Duster (backrow removal)
  • Terraforming (field searcher)
  • Called by the Grave (anti-handtrap / ‘negate’)
  • Forbidden Droplet (negate)
  • Foolish Burial (GY send)
  • Necrovalley (GY floodgate)
  • Crossout Designator (anti-handtrap)
  • Margin Trading (cycle)
  • Monster Reborn (revive from either GY)
  • SR
  • Reasoning (send to graveyard / special summon)
  • Twin Twisters (discard for backrow removal)
  • Demise of the Land (situational field search)
  • Left Arm Offering (search)
  • Galaxy Cyclone (structure deck backrow removal with GY effect)
  • Earthshattering Event (deny GY sending)

Situational Spells

  • UR
  • Triple Tactics Talent (draw / multi-purpose)
  • Lullaby of Obedience (pay 2k LP to deny resource)
  • SR
  • Pot of (series)
  • Foolish Burial (GY send)
  • Kaiser Colosseum (floodgate)
  • Dirge of the Lost Dragon (continuous soft-floodgate)
  • Anti-Magic Arrows (battle spell preventing spell/trap activation)
  • Burial from a Different Dimension (recycle 3 banished monsters to GY)
  • Ground Collapse (continuous prevent link-synergy)
  • R
  • Lightning Vortex (discard / destruction)
  • Moon Mirror Shield (battle protection recyclable equip)
  • Book of Moon (quick-play face-down)
  • Nobleman of Extermination (destroy and banish face-down spell/trap)
  • Hand Destruction (send 2 to GY, draw 2 cycle)
  • Parallel Twister (destroy 1)
  • Magical Mallet (cycle)
  • Draw Muscle (battle protect / cycle)
  • Shrink (quick-play half attack)
  • Rebellion (quick-play battle phase yoink)
  • Backup Squad (draw / cycle)
  • N
  • Double Summon (extra normal summon/set)
  • Back to Square One (discard / bounce)
  • Reload (cycle hand)
  • Flint (prevent attack recyclable equip)
  • Gravedigger Ghoul (banish 2 opponent GY monsters)
  • Full-Force Strike (destroy by battle)
  • Monster Slots (situational cycle)
  • Card Advance (rearrange deck / extra tribute summon)
  • Spell Calling (quick-play search)
  • Quick Booster (quick-play search)

Funny Spells

  • SR
  • Swords of Revealing Light (a classic battle protection)
  • Inferno Reckless Summon (special summon)
  • Savage Colosseum (force attack)
  • Hidden Armory (equip searcher)
  • Monster Gate (GY send / special summon)
  • R
  • Extra Net (soft floodgate draw on extra deck summon)
  • The Sanctum of Parshath (set spell/trap protection)
  • Psychic Blade (trade lp for atk equip)
  • Summon Breaker (soft floodgate)
  • Dimensional Fissure (soft floodgate monsters banished instead of GY)
  • Cup of Ace (gamble harder ‘draw’)
  • Chain Energy (soft floodgate continuous lp tax)
  • Super Hippo Carnival (token moment)
  • Cauldron of the Old Man (continuous burn / lp gain)
  • N
  • Gingerbread House (continuous destruction / lp gain)
  • Hippo Carnival (token moment)

Unique Spells

  • SR
  • Power of the Guardians (equip ‘protection’)
  • R
  • Pianissimo (provides permanent protection)
  • Spell Chronicle (slow impractical searcher)

Archtype Spells

  • UR
  • Kaiju Slumber (funky monster destruction and special summon)
  • One for One (deck special summon)
  • Bingo Machine, Go!!! (blue-eyes searcher)
  • SR
  • Hidden Armory (equip search)
  • Zombie Necronize (recyclable yoink)
  • Relinquished Fusion (summon the suc)
  • Dragon Shrine (dragon GY send)
  • Return of the Dragon Lords (dragon revive / protection)
  • Unexpected Dai (special summon <4 normal)
  • Secret Village of the Spellcasters (double edged spell negate)
  • Flute of Summoning Kuriboh (the most quick-play spell that is)
  • R
  • Jack-In-The-Hand (‘search’ a lvl 1)
  • White Mirror (special summon lvl <4 Fish from GY and add copy from deck)
  • Book of Life (banish / revive)
  • Comic Hand (equip yoink toon conversion)
  • Chaos Scepter Blast (banish / ‘search’)
  • Successor Soul (trade for blue-eyes)
  • Mayakashi Winter (cycle / revive)
  • Celestial Transformation (quick-play special summon Fairy from hand)
  • Magic Gate of Miracles (yoink)
  • N
  • Nagel’s Protection (searchable continuous Tindangle protection)
  • Witchcrafter Bystreet (searchable once per turn per monster protection)
  • Danger! Disturbance! Disorder! (searchable destruction field)
  • Magician’s Restage (send to GY for search)
  • Magician’s Right Hand (searchable once per turn auto enemy spell negate)
  • Magician’s Left Hand (searchable once per turn auto enemy trap negate)
  • Mordschlag (unaffected by special summon effects equip)

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