Crab Game: How to do W-Hopping

A Tutorial on how to Side Bhops or, well W-Hopping whatever, you want to call it in Crab Game!


Overview & Info

Welcome to the Guide! Clearly, my use- whatever, let’s get straight into the point.

So, yes, Regular bhopping is viable but if you’re turning corners this may actually work
Side Bhopping┬áspeeds up your mobility and its easily done, if you’re well, savvy enough
Its simple, just follow what i say!

Steps on how to W-Bhop

To begin with, Side Bhopping or, W Bhopping since you can’t autojump ( holding space and still jumping )
you have to manually press space, every, single time.
here’s the steps by the way.

[] You have to get used on how to jump consistently every second.

[] Press W while jumping!

[] When jumping, press A or D depending which way you’re turning. A for left, D for right.

[] Once you get a hold of the first three steps, slowly move your mouse to the direction you’re
turning. If it’s a sharp turn, turn your mouse not too harsh and not too soft, just enough to keep your bhopping consistent.

And.. thats it! really! simple. Have fun side bhopping and win yourself some tag games!
Leave me some tips or fixes if you want. Anyways, again have fun!

By Laz

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