Crab Game: How to Fix Freezing & Stuttering

Here are easy steps to fix freezing/stuttering in Crab Game!   How to Fix Freezing & Stuttering Method #1 1. Start your Crab Game and open Settings. 2. Find Graphics tab and change your Fullscreen Mode to “ExclusiveFullScreen” Method #2 If Method #1 doesn’t work for you, try lowering all … Read More

Crab Game: How to do W-Hopping

A Tutorial on how to Side Bhops or, well W-Hopping whatever, you want to call it in Crab Game!   Overview & Info Welcome to the Guide! Clearly, my use- whatever, let’s get straight into the point. So, yes, Regular bhopping is viable but if you’re turning corners this may … Read More

Crab Game: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for you to play Crab Game. enjoy the game.   Crab Game Tips and Tricks In this section we will cover tips and Tricks just in case! ALL OF THIS IS BASED ON MY AND MY FRIENDS EXPERIENCES. Let’s Begin with very easy and … Read More

Crab Game: Cool Colour Name Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to get the cool colored name. enjoy the game.   How to Change the Colour of Your Name Let’s begin with the cool colored name feature. for this you need to set your steam username to <color=”yourcolor”>YourName e.g red,yellow,green,blue Things to know: ◉ … Read More

Crab Game: Maps Guide

Hello. Welcome to the Maps section, this won’t have much text but will have images. We will only show unique maps Some maps have 2 versions 1 small other one is big. you’ll find it So firstly the most and only unique Biome. ◉ Ice Biome – You may ask … Read More

Crab Game: Movement Guide

Here is a guide to help understand the movement system in Crab Game.   Crab Game Movement Guide Hello and welcome to the Movement section. This section won’t be as long as the others but it will include stuff that i think is necessary or i think you should atleast … Read More

Crab Game: Gamemodes Guide

Here is a guide about the game modes in Crab Game.   First, you need to know is that there are 9 gamemodes ◉ Tag ◉ Bomb Tag ◉ Hide and Seek ◉ Hat King ◉ Lights Out ◉ Stepping Stones ◉ Red Light Green Light ◉ King Of The … Read More

Crab Game: How to Ban/Kick/Mute

Here is a simple guide on how to ban, kick and mute in Crab Game. Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you play through several different minigames based on children’s games, until only one player stands victorious. it is now available on Steam.   How to Mute 1. … Read More