Crab Game: Movement Guide

Here is a guide to help understand the movement system in Crab Game.


Crab Game Movement Guide

Hello and welcome to the Movement section. This section won’t be as long as the others but it will include stuff that i think is necessary or i think you should atleast be aware of that

Let’s begin!

First, the most crucial and the essence of the game’s movement.

We call this –

◉ Jump Crouch Boost –

This is a very useful movement trick. I will explain this in question:

– What is it exactly?

– It is a technique that helps you gain extra speed to escape situations and makes you overall more mobile.

– How to do it?

– Start running like usually by holding Shift then Jump and crouch mid air. That will give you a speed boost while being in the air. Can be used to reach greater distances.

– Is it hard to fully learn?

– No it is pretty straightforward. I don’t think its that much complicated.

Now heres some footage:

Now the next as i like to call it is

◉ Ladder Turn –

Basically you’re gonna climb ladders and almost at the top hold W and A or D to slide off to a side (helps for quick escapes)

Heres some footage of me doing it in Bomb Tag while mixing in the Boost Technique:

Next is:

◉ Ladder Hop –

This is another technique which is just a bonus. There are 2 ways. The first one is not that oftenly used. For the first you just turn yourself almost same degree as i do in the video, and for the second if youre facing this forward do the following:

Hold Shift + S + Jump

if youre climbing ladders backwards do:

Hold Shift + W + Jump

Heres some footage:

◉ Fast Sliding –

A technique that i think is necessary and not hard is fast sliding, you dont crouch when normally.

This doesn’t need much explaining so ill just throw in the footage demonstrating it.

Sorry for bad quality lol

Once again thanks for reading and let’s go to the next Section of this damn guide trolg. Next up is Maps.

By Cataclysm, tongG and Aksyy

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