Crab Game: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for you to play Crab Game. enjoy the game.


Crab Game Tips and Tricks

In this section we will cover tips and Tricks just in case!


Let’s Begin with very easy and general ones

◉ To Chat Press Enter

◉ To ban someone as a host – Press Tab > 3 dots and Ban/Kick. P:S: when leaving the game you created you end the whole server

◉ Don’t think you can kill yourself even if the round is over, if you do kill you won’t spawn next round.

◉ Fall damage is always on expect on King of the hill gamemode.

◉ If you’re having problems joining a lobby theres 2 solutions
1. Check your internet connection
2. It might be the Host’s broadband (internet)
even if your wifi is good and the host has bad wifi the whole server will lag.

◉ You can hide behind objects in Red Light Green Light as i mentioned in Gamemodes Section. Best works in the ice themed map.

◉ Also mentioned in gamemode section that dont focus on knocking people on King of the hill gamemode.

◉ You can hold on to a knife in hide and seek because you will be invincible until you kill someone
Disclaimer: you can die from fall damage still.

◉ Landing from heights onto a ladder doesn’t make you take fall damage 🙂

◉ As mentioned in gamemodes section: Stepping stones gameplay doesn’t have any patterns so its all 50/50 everytime.

◉ Be aware that the doll doesn’t have a precise interval when is it going to turn around, so be careful it doesn’t turn around a second or two later.

◉ Try to seperate yourself from other people when in Red Light Green Light if you are afraid of getting pushed.

◉ when pushing other people in Red Light Green Light theres a chance you can get knocked back yourself and die as mentioned.

◉ In Green Light Red Light you might want to always press the “S” key to stop as right as you hear the beep sound (most efficient on ice map).

◉ Ice themed maps affect your movement.

◉ You can Drop your weapon in Lights out with Q and pick them up with E

◉ You can use the spinner to gain advantage and escape if someone is chasing you, be aware you can die from fall damage

◉ You can use other people to boost yourself in the air, it is pretty cool.

◉ In lights out mode its better to look around sideways means. For example you face north and theres an enemy in the west, its more efficient to look with your camera north than trying to see your surroundings facing them directly.

◉ In Red Light Green Light you can walk behind other players and it wont detect you.

◉ If you’re gonna push someone in floor is lava do it when they’re not looking or wait for them to jump on your platform.

By Cataclysm, tongG and Aksyy

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    • personally, i had this problem a week ago. but then, i realized i was pressing the drop button. all you need to do: not press the drop button


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