Crab Game: Maps Guide

Hello. Welcome to the Maps section, this won’t have much text but will have images. We will only show unique maps

Some maps have 2 versions 1 small other one is big. you’ll find it
So firstly the most and only unique Biome.

◉ Ice Biome –

You may ask why is it unique?

It’s because its the only biome that affects something in our gameplay not just visually.

Ice affects your movement as previously mentioned

Theres 3 biomes: Plains, Lava or Frozenlands as i call them. We will use floor is lava example for showcasing them

Other biomes have nothing special about them

Next up is:

◉ Lava Rising Map –

This map has a siren when lava starts rising and flooding the bottom with lava which deals 12 damage per tick.



And lastly the other unique map is the map which has the elevator. Which is the only one.

Here’s an image:

And that covers everything for the maps!

By Cataclysm, tongG and Aksyy

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