Ghostwire Tokyo: 100% Collectibles

This is to ease the pain somewhat of other poor people who want to do this. (note some stuff is unlocked in chapter 5, and beating the game. Mainly the last kk note, the last auido log, the last prayer beads (which requires collecting 100% of the souls in the … Read More

Shadow Warrior 3: How to NG+

This is intended to show you how to have a “New Game +” despite there not actually being one in the game.   How to setup NG+ workaround All of your progress is stored in the file “ProgressionSlotIndex#.sav”. We will take advantage of this to prompt a NG+ sittuation.1: Finish … Read More

Left 4 Dead 2: All Melee Weapons Guide

Today we will showcase every single melee weapon and showcase how they work   [Introduction] In todays guide we will go over what you need to know about melee weapons, and how to effectively use them against the infected. We will showcase with pictures how melee weapons function, showcasing their … Read More

Bunny Park: 100% Achievement Guide

Bunny Park is a thoroughly enjoyable clicker/AFK game in which you manage a park through expansions and caring for bunnies!   Lonely Bunny Finish the tutorial Note: your first bunny should arrive once you complete the tutorial at the start of the game, keep in mind you may not receive … Read More

The Planet Crafter: All 11 Golden Chests Location

The location of the eleven (11) Golden Chests with both coordinates and pictures showing where they are.   Introduction Golden Chests are secret hidden gold coloured chests that each contain a novelty gold statuette, and some end game resources, typically Aluminium and Super Alloy in the chests near the starter … Read More

Soulworker: Stella Unibell Skill and Akashic Guide

A guide to help new Stella players, where they can have an idea or help them to make a decision.   Why should you play stella in the first place? Stella is a pretty good character, low punishing kit and also pretty strong for being a support, she can heal … Read More

OneShot: All Achievements Guide 2022

A guide on how to get all achievements for completionists.   Chaotic Evil Don’t do that! Location: The Barrens There are 2 ways of getting this achievement. One is to try putting the light bulb in the metal crusher in one of the building. You can also try combining the … Read More

Longvinter: Coordinate Map

I made a Longvinter map with coordinates. I want to share it. It used a map that was previously posted on the steam community. Appreciate the original author. You can check farming, containers, vending machines, and ports on the map. Thankyou!   Longvinter coordinate map I made a Longvinter map … Read More

The Planet Crafter: Where to Mine Different Ores

Learn where to mine different ores   Where to Mine Different Ores Iridium Iridium can be mined with a T1 ore extractor when placed down in the iridium cave  Cave is just under this dust cloud. this will also lead you to the Sulphur area and Osmium area Aluminium Aluminium can … Read More

Firestone Idle RPG: Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

Converting firestones into achievements…   Victor When you reach wave 10, a boss enemy appears in addition to the non-boss enemies. Victor Kill the first boss World Map The map is the place where you run missions. It’ll be in the right menu. From missions you obtain most of the … Read More