Milfy Day: Cheat Codes (How to Cheat)

Milfy Day is a visual novel game developed by Red Lighthouse. here is a cheat guide with all cheat codes listed in the game. The latest version is now available with new content, dialogues, characters, and fixes.   Milfy Day Cheat Codes Cheats: x = value -Money: type “money = x” -STR: type “strth … Read more

Terraria: Shimmer Item Transmutations Guide

A list of all the items affected by throwing them into Shimmer.   Shimmer Shimmer is the new fluid added in the Terraria 1.4.4 Labour of Love update. It can be found rarely in newly generated worlds, or by using the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. Each world will have only one pool of Shimmer generate, this … Read more

Surviving Mars: Challenge Maps Walkthrough

A comprehensive guide to all the challenge mode maps. Quick tips aswell as detailed guides for each map that will enable you to smash all of the gold times the game challenges you to beat. Includes uses general strategies for min-maxing that can also enhance your vanilla game. Disclaimer – This was written before Abstraction … Read more