Handshakes: All 30 Levels Guide

How to solve all 30 levels in Handshakes in the fewest moves possible.   Intro How to solve all 30 levels in Handshakes in the fewest moves possible. Both hands instructions are given using WASD controls (although in game you will want to use the Arrow Keys to control the … Read More

Days Gone: All NERO Injector Locations

All NERO Injector locations hidden throughout the map.   What is a NERO Injector? A NERO Injector is a handheld syringe that gives me uncanny Killing Floor 2 vibes that Deacon uses to make himself stronger. There are 3 stats that can be upgraded with NERO Injectors. I recommend upgrading … Read More

Chorus: 100% Achievement Guide

All achievements in the game.   Introduction Number of achievements: 42 Number of missable achievements: 19 Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Free-Roam After Story: No Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Time to 100%: 20-30h Achievements are quite straight forward and almost all should unlock naturally. There are only three Mastery achievements which … Read More

ReThink 4: All Solutions for the [A] Area

All Solutions for the [A] Area.   The first three “Puzzles”. ⠀ First: Yellow Cube Tutorial: ⠀ Second: Red Cube Tutorial: ⠀ Third: Movable Stuff and Tile Tutorial: The central “Tile Puzzle” with 4 Solutions ⠀ Left: ⠀ Center Left: ⠀ Center Right: ⠀ Right: Left Side ⠀ Color Mixing … Read More

Touhou Monster TD: All Character & Tower Blessings (Endless Mode)

A comprehensive list of all characters blessings in the game for teambuilding purposes.   Playable characters Important note : In Endless, each character starts with a different soul level. Since it can impact your builds, and is a hidden stat in the character sheet, we decided to include them Reimu Starting … Read More

LEGO City Undercover: All Cheat Codes

If you want LEGO City Undercover to be easier and want to use cheats then you have come to the right guide.   Instructions Cheats are entered in a special “extras” section, which you can access it in the game pause mode. You can enter and change the 7 letters from A-Z … Read More

Dead Cells: Best 10 Builds

Remember, every run in dead cells will be different. The weapons and abilities at your disposal might not exactly fit into one of these builds, but every build has an element of flexibility, certain weapons, or abilities that can be swapped out for others. Without further ado, here is a … Read More

KartRider Drift: Item Guide (How to Use Them Properly)

I’ve noticed when playing online that there are many players who are using items wrong, or if at all. Too many in fact. You one of them? Well you’re in luck, because this guide is just for you! This guide will go over every item and how to properly use … Read More