FOREWARNED: The Mejai Guide

The Mejai is the spirit that belongs to the tomb and is highly dangerous. It can damage the player even while in spirit form, but requires more than one hit to kill unlike his physical form. Every Mejai can perform different actions that are unique to it, allowing the team … Read More

MannaRites: Adventure Mode Guide

Description of Adventure Mode features and tips for playthrough.   Plot Gawn’s Siege is stopped and city saved, the Ijmerians who survived and are ready to defend their homeland have protected themselves by the city walls, which are now reliably guarded by Weaver – Kavarath’s envoy sent there to train … Read More

BioShock Infinite: How to Skip Intro Logos

Here is a simple guide on how to skip intro videos on the Windows OS.   How to Skip Intro Logos Launch Bioshock Infinite once, change all in-game settings in the main menu to your liking and exit the game Wait for Steam Cloud sync to complete In a text … Read More

100 hidden rams: All Hidden Rams (100% Achievement)

Here are all locations of all 100 rams in the game.   100 hidden rams All Hidden Rams *♡∞:。.。 here are the locations of all the rams! have fun!! 。.。:∞♡* (note: I’ve drawn red circles around each ram just to help them stand out a bit more) By llucythehumann

Stardew Valley: How to Earn Money Faster

A quick guide to helping earn money quicker! (Pretty easy, but many players miss easy ways to make money)   Foraging at the ends of nights. Foraging at the end of the day is a super-easy way to make money. Sure, they don’t tell for a LOT (like farming) but … Read More

boxlife Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

A walkthrough of the game showing how to reach all the upgrades, orbs, and secrets of boxlife.   Introduction & Notations This will be a fairly simple walkthrough of boxlife. All of the upgrades will allow you to reach new areas of the game allowing you to search for the … Read More

100 hidden cats: All Hidden Cats (100% Achievement)

Here are all locations of all kitties in the 100 hidden cats game.   100 hidden cats All Hidden Cats ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* here are the locations of all the cats! enjoy!! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ and one final sneaky guy right at the bottom~ By llucythehumann

Breeders of the Nephelym Alpha: Fluids Guide

The easiest way to catch a nephelym is to just have sex with it, but there is another option using fluids that you can buy from venders or harvest from the nephelym that you have caught. I have tested all the options and each sub-race has one preference. Bovaur *Ayrshire … Read More

Breeders of the Nephelym Alpha Cheat Codes

This game has cheat codes and I don’t recommend using them, at least not on your first playthrough. If you are just here for the sex then these will help you skip the rest of the game. The only one I used on my first playthrough of the game was … Read More

Forager: How to Pick Up Items 2021

Super easy and user friendly guide on how to pick up items!   Items Needed You’ll need a few things.. 1. Mouse 2. Computer 3. Monitor of any kind 4. Desk/bed/couch/floor 5. Hand with fingers 6. Both sides of a normal brain The Steps -Step one: Make an item appear … Read More

DOOM Eternal: Khan Maykr Fighting Tips

This guide is all about fighting the Khan Maykr and some good ways you can fight her.   Who is the Khan Maykr? The Khan Maykr is the strongest Maykr of all of them, and is the leader of the Maykrs. She is a boss on Urdak, and she controls … Read More