Fate of Kai: 100% Achievements Guide

This guidance includes requirements to unlock all achievements, along with key steps to solve the puzzles. NO spoiler includes.   Main Story Achievements 9 of the all 12 achievements of this game can be unlocked automatically when you reach a certain checkpoint, which are listed as follows. If you’re having trouble solving the puzzles, head … Read more

Bad North: All Items Guide

Here is a quick guide for all items in Bad North. this guide will cover what they do, how they scale up as you level them, and who You’ve had the most success with equipping them on.   Bombs Bombs have saved my bacon quite a few times when I didn’t have any archer units … Read more

Ragnarock: Fixing Black Screen, Rift S controllers, Main music and other issues

The Ragnarock V1 release is now available on Steam. Since the Early Access version released on Steam in December 2020, it was very well received with 96% positive reviews (title ranked in the highest category, “overwhelmingly positive”) out of over a thousand reviews. however. there are some known issues with the new version. here is … Read more

Among Ass: 100% Achievement Guide

Simple guide on how to 100% this “game”.   Easy And Simple Achievements Killer– simply start a new round as the imposter and kill another character Renovation Beginner– walk up to a panel and spam space One Lonely– start a game with only the player Well-Coordinated team– while you’re in your singleplayer game, go around … Read more