F1® Manager 2022: How to Create or Increase Setup Confident

Here’s a Quick Guide on how to improve and how to manage the Set-Up Confident for F1 Manager 22!   Quick Description! Use these steps in Free Practice Sections before Qualifying! There are 5 different configuration options for Setup! – Front Wing Angle! – Rear Wing Angle! – Anti Roll … Read More

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: 100% Achievement Guide

A complete guide for getting all achievements in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed   Overview Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed 100% Achievement Guide Missable achievements: 0 Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Co-op / Online Achievements: 0 Difficulty required for 100%: No Time to 100%: 10-20 hours Note: This is a completely handwritten guide. Any item/collectible … Read More

Guild Wars 2: Controller Configuration (Xbox 360)

Full-feature control scheme for action camera mode and standard Xbox 360 controller (or something similar). Includes necessary in-game bindings, suggested settings, general play overview, and detailed button mapping.   Introduction This guide has instructions and necessary game settings for a versatile Steam Input configuration to play Guild Wars 2 with … Read More

Have a Nice Death: Toxic Food Thanagers Guide

A guide to fighting the Toxic Food-Processing Department Thanagers. (This guide will be updated as more Thanagers get added).   Movement Tips Since I will be using a few terms that may or may not be what the techniques are called by most others, I will be storing them here … Read More

Harem of Nurses: True Happy Ending Guide

This guide will show you all of the “correct” choices to get to the true happy ending.   Introduction Find the games to feed your fetish – Den of Perversion Curator Site This guide will give you the correct selections to make it to the True Happy Ending. In order to … Read More

Granny: All Item Spawn Locations

In this guide I will tell you every location that each item can spawn, for all 5 of the item rotations in the current version of the game.   General Spawning These items are always put here, regardless of preset numbers. Screwdriver—Main Room-Shelf-Tin Can Crossbow / Tranquilizer Darts—Weapon Safe Ammunition … Read More

Kindergarten 2: All Outfits Guide

This guide will help you find all the outfits in Kindergarten 2. If you like this guide check out my other ones to help you find all the Monstermon cards, achievements, and get all the endings!   #1 Default Outfit You get this at the start of the game. #2 … Read More

Kindergarten 2: All Achievement Guide

This guide will help you get all the achievements in Kindergarten 2! If you like this guide check out my other ones to help you find all the Monstermon cards, outfits, and get all the endings!   A Tale Of Two Janitors Complete “The Tale Of Two Janitors” mission. Flowers … Read More

Kindergarten 2: All Mission Endings Guide

As the title says this guide will help you get all the endings in Kindergarten 2. If there are any mistakes please let me know and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. ⚠️Spoilers⚠️   All Endings- Intro Following the events of Kindergarten, Monday is over, and … Read More

System Shock Enhanced Edition: All Audio Logs Maps

Maps of each level with all audio logs and notes marked and locations described. Also a list of all data objects and fragments, e-mails and v-mails, plus transcriptions of the notes and data fragments.   About This Guide Difficulty Selection The first important thing to note is the Mission difficulty … Read More