Phasmophobia: Gameplay Modifiers 2021

Gameplay modifiers for group play that add new rules, limitations, or alternative ways to play the game.



Best played with close friends or people you know.

“Confronting the Ghost” – Some modifiers may have you confront the ghost. This has an open meaning, but in general you either have to get close enough to hear the heartbeat sound effect, or complete a ghost objective such as taking a picture, smudge sticking it, or escaping a hunt. Certain modifiers may have you die to the ghost. If this is too punishing for you, confronting the ghost is an acceptable alternative as long as your teammates agree.

Modifiers can be used individually or combined together for greater effect.
Some modifiers may work well with a reward/punishment system.

Possible Rewards

  • Doesn’t have to bring items next round
  • Can stay in the van next round
  • Can choose what other players must refer to them by

Possible Punishments

  • Must bring “ALL” items
  • Must stay inside house until 0% sanity
  • See “Dunce Cap” section

Dunce Cap

The most recent player that:

  • Breaks an agreed upon rule (such as no talking)
  • Reports incorrect evidence (such as EMF5, freezing temps, etc)
  • Is the only one to guess the ghost incorrectly

shall be referred to as dunce for the rest of the gameplay session, or until a new dunce is found.

Enjoy the Silence

Words can only do harm.

  • Players may ONLY talk while inside the van.
  • Players may NOT use the radio at any time.
  • Optional: Players (or only a designated Ghost Whisperer) may talk to the ghost while using the spirit box and/or quija board.

Other means of communication between players is allowed such as:

  • Flashing lights
  • Throwing objects

Fierce Competition

Players will compete against each other to figure out the type of ghost.

  • You can only hold one evidence item at a time (you cannot carry an EMF Reader if you’re using the spirit box)
  • After you have gathered evidence with an item (or you have thoroughly ruled it out), you must turn OFF the item and drop it in an agreed upon location so others may use it.
    Example: Turn OFF the spirit box so it cannot passively reveal evidence.
    Example: DROP the ghost book on the ground so it remains closed.
  • Keep knowledge to yourself! Avoid letting other players know what you have discovered.
  • You may not hide equipment from other players, and if they ask where something is, you should tell them (even if you are still using it.)
  • Once you believe you know what type of ghost it is, return to the van and radio to the others that you have finished

Rewards/punishments are left up to player discretion.

Final Destination

If a player avoids death (by escaping the ghost while it is hunting them), they must do their best to die to the ghost the next time it hunts and they are nearby.

Forever Alone

Only one person may be inside the play area at any given time.

Ghost Whisperer

A player is designated as the Ghost Whisperer, and is the only player that can communicate with the ghost. (This includes things like “show us a sign”, using the spirit box or quija board)

Role-play between players is encouraged.
Whisperer: Oh great spirit, please show us a sign.
(Ghost activity appears in the kitchen.)
Whisperer: Thrashing around in the kitchen indicates it is hungry, and cause of death was starvation.
Muggle: Why is it throwing plates?
Whisperer: It does not want us here.

Global Taunt

While the ghost is hunting, you must chant its name as long as you cannot see it or hear its footsteps.


Anytime a player finds evidence or witnesses a ghost interaction, they must say “Jinkies!”

Lights Out

The fuse box / circuit breaker / generator must never be turned on.
If the ghost turns it on, players must rush to turn it off ASAP.

My Work Here Is Done

Each player only has one task. After completing their task they must announce what they found to the others, before heading back to rest inside the van.
* NOTE: Players who have completed their task may watch cameras, but should not help others as it’s not their job.

Tasks are dependent on # of players and difficulty.
The bone has a guaranteed spawn, while the Quija Board is only guaranteed on nightmare.
* NOTE: If you find the Bone, it is your job to take a picture of it and pick it up. If you find the Quija, it is your job to take pictures/interact with it as needed.

Four Players:
Find ONE
Non-nightmare: Evidence, Evidence, Evidence, Bone
Nightmare: Evidence, Evidence, Bone, Quija

Three Players:
Find ONE
Non-nightmare: Evidence, Evidence, Evidence
Nightmare: Evidence, Evidence, Bone

Two Players:
Find TWO
Non-nightmare: Evidence, Evidence, Evidence, Bone
Nightmare: Evidence, Evidence, Bone, Quija

Not It!

When the ghost begins a hunt, all players in the area must shout “NOT IT!”
The last person to respond must confront the ghost.

* NOTE: This rule does not apply to players far away (large maps) or outside of the play area (van).

One Armed Man

You can only ever carry one item at a time.

Optional: Flashlight is excluded from this limit

One of Each

All items are allowed to be brought, is limited to one of each type.

* NOTE: It is recommended that players have their own item that allows them to see and navigate.
Example: Flashlight, Strong Flashlight, UV Flashlight, Video Camera (w/ Nightvision)

Personal Space

While outside the van, players may not get within 6ft (1.8m) of another.
If another player breaks this rule, you must tell them to “Stay out of my personal space!” or similar.

* NOTE: Be mindful of other players, as you will need to move out of their way in order for them to pass by you in rooms or hallways.


Players may NOT leave the house until they have determined the type of ghost.

  • All items must be brought into the entrance room of the play area.
  • All players must be inside the house.
  • All exits must be closed and not reopened until all players are satisfied with their decision.
  • Once a mutual decision has been made, all players must head to the van and leave.

* NOTE: Exterior exits of any kind cannot be used. For example, school and prison have doors leading outside of the play area where the ghost cannot go, even though they are not exits to the van.

Ring Leader

One player is designated as the ring leader.

  • The ring leader is the only player allowed to speak.
  • All other players must not speak unless spoken to by the ring leader.
  • All other players must only do what they are told and nothing more until the ring leader gives them a new order.
  • Orders do not need to be followed if they go against objectives (such as “go die to the ghost”)

Scary Terry

You can run, but you can’t hide, ♥♥♥♥♥.

While the ghost is hunting:

  • You may NOT stop moving
  • You may NOT crouch
  • You may NOT go into side closets
  • You may NOT hide in corners, behind doors or other objects
  • You may NOT close any doors, even partially, but you may open them

If you reach a dead-end you should turn around and keep running.

Seat’s Taken

You may NOT hide in a room already occupied by another player.

The player already occupying the room (or was there first), must shout “Seat’s taken!” or similar.
The offending player must then leave and find another room.

Sensory Overload

You may NOT turn off anything that has been turned on, such as lights, radios, sinks, showers, car alarms, etc.

Optional: You must turn on everything when you enter a room.

Slow and Steady

You may NOT sprint, ever.

* NOTE: It’s recommended that you temporarily unbind or rebind the sprint key so you do not absentmindedly use it due to muscle memory or panic.

Talking Sticks

Requires: One or more smudge sticks
You may only talk while actively holding a smudge stick in your hand.

Optional: Burnt smudge sticks do not count
Optional: Players (or only a designated Ghost Whisperer) may talk to the ghost while using the spirit box and/or quija board.

The Chosen One

Requires: One candle per player, a lighter
Any player may initiate this event by communicating “We must find the chosen one!” or similar.

When triggered:

  1. Players must gather together at the van or entrance of the map (to avoid rain)
  2. All players holding a recently lit candle
  3. As a group, walk to the ghost room* while chanting the ghost’s name
  4. The first player whose candle goes out is The Chosen One and must stay in the ghost room with the lights off and the door closed, until a hunt begins.
  5. Once a hunt has commenced, The Chosen One is free to do as they wish (run, hide, etc.)

* NOTE: If the ghost room has not been identified, the player with the highest sanity will lead the group around the map where they think the ghost is located.


  • Trigger the event after average sanity drops below 50%
  • Trigger the event after the ghost has hunted for the first time
  • One player lights all candles at roughly the same time without the others seeing, then lets the others pick their candle, before taking the last one for themselves. (Lessens cheating due to candle burn time / RNG)

By A Fancy Fridge Magnet and Biohazard

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