Phasmophobia: How to Fix Voice Chat Issue

Hello Everyone! Are You Having Trouble With Voice Chat? No Problem I Can Help You!

How to Fix Voice Chat Issue (Three Methods)

Solution 1 – Connected Mic and Audio
1. Go To Your Computer Settings
2. Once There Go To System > Sound > Volume Mixer/app sounds
3. Look At Apps And Find Steam
4. Set The Mic You Use To Your Input and Your Headset/Speaker To Your Output.

Solution 2 – Mic and Audio Work?
1. Go To System > Sound > All Sound Devices > Properties (properties for your mic)
2. Then Go Down To “Input Settings”
3. Test Your Mic
4. Go To Properties again but for your headset/speaker and test

Solution 3 – Just Something To Try
1. Unplug Your Mic And Straight out the cord
2. Make Sure Its Unmuted
3. Make Sure Your Internet Is Running Fine
4. Slowly, Gently, And Smoothly Plug In Your Mic
5. Make Sure Your Mic Is Connected Fine And That Your Audio Is Turned Up
6. At The Bottem Right Make Sure You Audio Is Set Right

By TheGoldenNugget

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