Indivisible: Incarnations Side-Quest Guide

A guide on how to complete the side-quest for each Incarnation. Each character will list the locations you have to visit next to their names so you can appropriately plan what order you want to do the side-quests in. There is also a reward for completing every side-quest, which will be listed at the conclusion … Read more

Star Fighter: How to Fix Graphics Issues

Here we are available if you have graphic problems with the game; They present “lagging” while you play. Well, they do not have options to access the “Options” menu to configure the graphics, sound, gameplay, and so on.   Location of folder of the file “boot.config” Open with the file explorer by typing the key … Read more

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun: Full Character Guide and Tricks

Contained within are thorough guides to the five characters of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. In here, you will learn what Hayato’s, Yuki’s, Mugen’s, Aiko’s, and Takuma’s special capabilities are and how to best use them. Also inside are some strategy tips for dealing with types of enemies and some other useful tricks to … Read more

Legion TD 2: Legion Spells Guide

This guide explains when to take each legion spell and which units they are good on.   Legion Spells At the start of the game, 3 random legion spells are chosen and revealed (same for all players). During the build phase of wave 11, you can pick one legion spell. Here’s how not to be … Read more

Legion TD 2: Basic Controls

Here is the basic controls in Legion TD 2. the controls in the game is very simple.   Legion TD 2 Basic Controls Essential Left-click to do most things in the game. Right-click to ping. Most units, icons, and UI elements can be pinged. Right-click + drag to ping common shotcalls. TAB to see an overview of your, your … Read more

Legion TD 2: All Commands

Here are all commands in Legion TD 2.   Legion TD 2 All Commands Ingame Commands -help Displays command info -ff Votes to forfeit the match -lifetime Displays lifetime of fighters -dps Displays DPS of your fighters over the duration of the battle -kills Displays how many kills your fighters got over the duration of … Read more

Pawnbarian: Shogun Guide (All Chains)

A guide for the funky Japanese board game based character 😛 Includes tips about upgrades, dungeons, and strategic moves.   Shogun Basics As you may know, the Shogun is themed around the ancient Japanese version of chess called shogi. While I imagine having some background knowledge of the game makes learning this character a little … Read more