ENDER LILIES: No Enhancing Challenge

The purpose of this guide is simply to show what makes this challenge interesting and the implications of it. This is intended for players who have ALREADY beaten the game and will contain minor SPOILERS.   Why would you do this? After completing my first casual playthrough I noticed a trend in this game. I … Read more

Minit: How to Fix Startup Error

This guide lists down all known solution(s) to the startup error(s) that other people and I have encountered.   A Code Error The error seems to occur due to missing files (minit_v1.sav) on startup while online. Probably occurs most frequently for new users. To fix this: Start the game up in Offline Mode Start a … Read more

VTuber Maker: How to Use the Virtual Camera

A virtual camera is a computer software camera, which can simulate a “real” camera, and can automatically capture the screen of the computer’s native software. With the help of the push streaming platform, the screen can be presented to your fans or friends in real time. What is a virtual camera? A virtual camera is … Read more