MannaRites: Endless Arena mode guide

Description of the features of the game mode and tips.   Basics In the Endless Arena mode, when Weaver appears in the hideout, to go to the battles you need to take all the equipment — a random weapon / potion / armor. Endless Arena mode is an endless series … Read More

POSTAL Redux: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Welcome welcome to the BEST, to the MOST DETAILED guide on Postal Redux. I’ll try to cover 100% of the entire game, from the story to the easter eggs and secrets. So I hope you enjoy and find everything you needed to know about this bloody funny mess.   Something … Read More

KingSim: All Endings

There are currently 120 death endings, and two true endings The endings in ” ” s are the ones that I haven’t obtained yet, while the plain text ones are the ones I have gotten. Death Endings 1. Sell your army at the market until it hits 0. 2. Sell … Read More

Runo: Virtuoso Achievement Guide

Idiot proof guide to get the melodies right at first try   Virtuoso Achievement Guide (Step-by-step Tutorial) Melody 1 Melody 2 Melody 3 By spiritworld

Combots: How to play Control Points Effectively

This(surprise surprise) is a guide on how to play the control points mode. The only one so far.   Quick Notes Before we Start Firstly, I want to mention that most of these tactics I haven’t tested due to most of them requiring coordinating teammates, which as we all know, … Read More

BATTLE BEARS -1: The Void Door Glitch

Have you ever wanted to skip rooms or perhaps fight 2 or 3 mechabearzerkers at once? This is the glitch for you, and this guide shows you what to do.   Introductory Note Two notes before we begin, 1) This guide is meant for the Windows build of BB-1, not … Read More

Katja’s Abyss Tactics: Keyboard Controls

List of controls found in a readme file on the local directory   Mouse Controls LMB: Select/Mark Safe/Clear Mark RMB: Cancel/Mark Unsafe/Clear Mark Keyboard Controls Esc: Main Menu/Close current Menu Arrow Keys/WASD: Move camera/Move player in level select area E: Toggle Info Overlay Space/Enter: Interact with NPC in level select … Read More

Mirror’s Edge: Third Person Mode Tutorial

This guide was made for those who want to experience the curiosity of trying the third person on mirrors edge.   First step Go to the folder: “Documents\EA Games\Mirror’s Edge\TdGame\Config\” Second step Open the file: “TDInput” with notepad. Third step Add the following line to the “bindings” list: Bindings=(Name=”F4″,Command=”FreeFlightCamera”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False) By … Read More